We got a fence yo!!!

So… if you didn’t know… my husband is AWESOME!!! And he is manly…


I was a little leery about this whole fence building busy… and by a little I mean a lot.  We were going to get Lowe’s to build it for us, but they were gonna charge $1,800 in LABOR ONLY!!! cough, cough… NO!  So Jacob become the builder!  I’m pretty darn proud!

Look at the mastery work!!!

Our potentially cute patio! 🙂 I’m inspired now to make it cute! 

You are impressed too aren’t ya??? Yep… I know! And if you wanna pay him $1,800 for labor… I’ll loan him out! haha!

Now… even though he is pretty much Superman… he did have some help building this. Our pastor, Andrew helped a lot and some of the youth/college students dropped by for a bit. But there was one man who was here the entire time and even came over to work by himself because he’s CRAZY! 🙂
This man is Barrett! You can read SOME of his story here.

 I don’t know what to say except that God is good. This man wasn’t expected to live as of January 25, 2011… not he’s building fences!! Yep… that’s MY GOD!

Building… it’s hard work. Jacob was beyond sore after he built and built… our fence.  In another perspective… Barrett is building his life back. His “normal” looks a lot different than it did before January 25, 2011.  His family looks a lot different… His faith looks a lot different… His strength and body is a lot different…


It’s hard, but He is faithful. He is so faithful.  He brings people and friends alongside (like my hubby) to help with the process. Yes, Barrett helped with building our fence… and my hubby is ALL IN in helping Barrett with the re-building of his life.

Friendship. It’s a great thing.
Building. It’s a hard thing.
Accountability. It’s a messy thing.

The results of building…  security, a fortress, a monument proclaiming a job well done, more muscles for the next project, experience, and learning that won’t be forgotten.

We are pumped about our fence and Walter CAN’T WAIT to get out there and go bonkers!!!!


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