Mom’s Day!

Happy Mom’s Day to the BEST Mom EVER!!! 🙂 

Your mom can’t beat my mom… that’s for sure! 

It’s been just me and my mom since I was in the 2nd grade.  She’s my biggest fan. She’s never been too busy.  She’s never missed a dance recital… even though they were FOREVER long and I was always in the worst mood! She was always in the stands for my high school and college dancing events. She loves me… even when I PMS! She has shown me how to love Jesus and how to love people.  She is always smiling. She loves her family more than anything. Here’s her and her cute sisters:
She is a lover of track suits, flip flops, HUGE sunglasses, and leggings… even when they aren’t “in style.” She loves hot sauce, diet dr pepper, and cheez-its. She loves teaching Sunday School to little young ‘uns.  I have never heard her yell or cuss. 
She has trusted Jesus with her life and mine… she even trusted Him to let me go to Africa with 3 other crazy girls by ourselves!!!  
She is leaving a legacy of JOY, devotion, LOVE, and integrity.  She has shown me the importance of having fun, not bringing work home, and the importance or caring and remembering people. 

My favorite things to do with my mommy are road trips, shopping sprees, and beach days! Just time together is… perfect! I have been called Kay Johnston, Jr. for as long as I can remember.  I am quite alright with becoming just like her! 🙂 

I love my mommy. 

Here’s 3 generations… lovely 

Here’s my other mommy… Mrs. Christina! I love her too! 
She and my mom are a force for the Kingdom.
They know how to LOVE without hindrance.  

I am thankful for my mommy, my grandmother, and my mom-in-law!! 
I am blessed…

I plan to soak up all they have to offer!! 
Happy Mother’s Day! 

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