23 on the 23rd

Here’s to one of my besties – it’s her birthday! 
To be exact… it’s her Golden Birthday!! She’s 23 on the 23rd!!! 
We met at the good ol’ Rocky Top! Rocky Top Tennessee! 
She was my first friend there.
We met at the BCM and fell in love… 
We were awesome – 
both brunettes, both have Mazda 3s, had the same computer, both pretty awesome too… basically the same person.
She later told me that it was a good thing I had short hair at the time, because she can’t be friends with long-haired gals! Whew… glad I decided to chop my hair off before relocating to Knoxville!  
She’s WONDERFUL. She can make Ursula laugh. 
She loves people and is the best cook I know under the age of 45! 
She is a great blogger – READ IT!
She is a great friend. She loves Jesus. 

And she has the cutest baby ever… meet Isaac Henry 


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