F-R-E-E that spells FREE!!!

Yep. I like this here journal. My momma got it for me. This pretty much sums up what I’ve been learning and embracing the past 2 weeks… FREEDOM!!!!!

Sometimes I get in a rut of following rules… of playing the part. I don’t like that. It is empty and full of lies. I don’t want to follow the rules just because people expect me to.  I want to follow Jesus because I love Him. I want to live like He did because that’s my heart’s desire.  I don’t want to appease everyone and what they think I should be or look like or whatever… I just want to be ME loving JESUS. That’s all. That’s FREEDOM.

Jesus doesn’t come at us with a long list of rules.  Yes… He gives us His Word… but that’s an invitation to love Him and to know Him.  He asks us to count the cost, to surrender our lives, and to live in FREEDOM and JOY and PEACE and HUMILITY and RIGHTEOUSNESS and HOLINESS.  He doesn’t kick us out of His arms if we are a little too loud, have a tatoo or earrings, etc… He just wants to love on us… and us delight in Him in return.

I think we as Christians get SO consumed with following rules and performance sometimes that we forget to have FUN and LAUGH!!! Our job as Christ followers is to make Jesus attractive… because HE IS! If we constantly have our nose stuck in the air, never letting our hair down, and not laughing until we cry at times… Jesus seems boring, outdated, and truly just a Savior with a bunch of rules.  We don’t do a good job making Him attractive. The church in Acts was attractive. I’m sure they laughed with JOY and worshipped like crazy.  Yes, they were probably terrified when faced with persecution… but people obviously wanted what they had to offer! Do people want what we have to offer?

So… LAUGH!!!! Laugh often. Have fun conversations. Throw a dance party (by yourself or with a group of friends!). Do some crafts.  Don’t DO your TO DO list! Go out of your way to meet a stranger. WORSHIP like crazy. Talk about JESUS. LOVE Him… don’t just follow rules.

We have to stop being up-tight Christians. The enemy so longs for us to be characterized as judgmental, rude, stuck up, boring people. Jesus wants His Bride to be known as life-givers, joyful, laughers, peaceful, and LOVING!

I love the 3 words on the journal… LIVE YOUR DREAM.  Golly… I want to.  I love my life right now… I really do, but there’s something more I dream of.  I don’t think it’s in vain. I don’t think it’s stupid… although I used to.  To LIVE MY DREAM… I can’t sit around and expect it to jump on my head… I have to pursue it. How? Nike says it best… just do it. What is my dream?? you may ask… I just want to love on women and girls. I want to speak (crazy… I know). I want to write. I want to love on people. I want to teach. I want to travel and meet people. I want to learn others’ stories. I want to learn more about Jesus. I am so thankful for my job now and the opportunities I have with it and the people I know because of it… BUT my heart isn’t okay with sitting in an office forever… no no no… it wants to GO! And I plan to.  I do NOT want to miss out on the BIG dream God has planted in me.  It is rooted in me. I am praying it will become reality. I am a dreamer…

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