Summa Time!

I love summer. It’s wonderful. It’s sunny and hot. Everyone feels better tan. You can swim. THE BEACH. BBQ. FLOWERS. windows down. trips. friends. It’s just good!

I’ve been enjoying all of these things lately.  Here’s what I have coming up this week (PUMPED):

  • Go to SC to see Em!! Woot woot! We are gonna cuddle and talk and eat and beach it and laugh.
Yep… she juggles! 
  • Go to Student Life Camp at Lee University with the yutes! Lots of Jesus. Lots of fun. Can’t beat it! We have Unhindered and Tony Merida leading us!

Our group last year at LA Tech! 
Hi Tony Merida! I love you because you love orphans! 
  • Spend the night with the Cokers
pumped for Isaac Henry and Auntie Ann time! 
  • Marry my friend Kir Kir off in Knoxville!! 
Presh.  Kir Kir graduated with me and was along for the African adventure! 
Can life get better? Prob not! 
I’m excited about all of it. 
That’s really all I have to say šŸ™‚ Have a Terrific Thursday! 

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