hE iS fAiThFuL

Yep… He is FAITHFUL!! 

I’ve had an exciting week.  I wanted to blog about it yesterday, but I got agitated while I was blogging yesterday and it just made me not wanna write anymore… so I stopped.  So I will enlighten you today! And I’m glad I waited so now I can tell you some really amazing stuff that happened last night! 

#1 So we are still collecting money for our Belize trip… only a month out! CRAZY! BUT… 2 weeks ago we were still lacking $10,000! OUCH!! Well… our God had been working… we are only lacking $2,000 now! Yep, He is FAITHFUL!  Jacob has been a little stressed about this since he’s the leader and all.  I’m just the wife so I don’t worry about money (never have)… I just prayed.  He listens… so that’s good.  But this week we had a very FUN-draiser (get it?).  It’s called STROKES OF FAITH… basically it’s an awesome painting party! Check it out:

Some of our Belize Team

It was a blast and they painted such pretty pictures! We made about $700 too! πŸ™‚ FANTASTIC! 

#2 I got to see some very special people… I love them lots. They stopped for a visit on their way home from the beach!!! 
THE COKERS!!!! πŸ™‚ 
I got hug on Isaac Henry and his hot momma! It was glorious! I needed some bestie time… even if it was short. I’ll take all I can get! 

#3 THE CONNECTION BANQUET!!!!!!!!! So… my heart has been a little anxious about this event for quite some time now. Our goal was to put Luke 14 into action:

the faithful men of the Connection ministry…
always there… always serving

12 Then he turned to his host. β€œWhen you put on a luncheon or a banquet,” he said, β€œdon’t invite your friends, brothers, relatives, and rich neighbors. For they will invite you back, and that will be your only reward. 13 Instead, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind. 14 Then at the resurrection of the righteous, God will reward you for inviting those who could not repay you.”

So… we wanted to put these verses into action through our Connection ministry. We wanted people from our church involved and our goal was just to LOVE on those who came. We wanted to just smother them in Jesus’ love!  We rounded up people to get table cloths, make centerpieces, bring fancy dinnerware, bring giveaways, etc! We went door to door inviting people with fancy banquet invitations.  We prepared grilled chicken, baked potato, salad, rolls, sweet tea, and lemon pie.  And we prayed for God to move! 

I was nervous that no one would show up. And it looked that way for a few minutes… and then they came! And they kept coming!!! We didn’t know how many to plan for because in recent months, not many people have been coming. But last night… we fed 45 people and then had to turn some people away because we ran out of chicken! It was nuts! I was so pumped and joyful because HE IS SO FAITHFUL! 

Me and Miss Leah Beth. She’s precious and quite funny. She loves Jesus.
She told me I didn’t know who I was talking to when I was talking to her.
I asked her what she meant… she said “Hunny, I am a child of God. I KNOW HIM.
He reveals Himself to me… and I know you is chosen.”
I said “YES MA’AM!” πŸ™‚
I like her… querks and all! 
I’ve also been a bit discouraged about door to door.  We go every month and invite person after person… and then no one shows up.  Last Sunday I did NOT want to go door to door.  But… I’ve come to the conclusion when you really don’t want to do something that has the potential to impact the Kingdom… you better do it! That’s just Satan trying to stop ya! So… I went.  And we had about 15 people come because of our sharing and inviting on that Sunday!!!! Gosh… God loves me so well.  He loves on me in only a way He can. He gives my heart’s desires in CRAZY ways. And I am ever grateful. 
These ladies right here are something special. These are the Connection ladies – faithful and true! 
Mrs. Hilma, in the middle, is the cook and she keeps us straight! We love her dearly! 
Thankful for RADICAL women like these in my life! 
All that to say… WOWZERS… God is just good! Now… onward to my great week’s adventures. Needless to say… I’M PUMPED!!!  I would like to leave you with one of my favorite videos EVER. I kept this little boy at the parents night out we had… CRACKED me up!!! And now… introducing Gunner singing “Yion King” (that was not a typo… that’s how he says it)

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