My week was SO splendid last week… we must not mush it all together… we must marvel and relish at it in chunks.  Today is my ode to Chucktown… others may know it as Charleston, SC.  I know it as the temporary home to my best friend.  It’s a lovely place.  Let me give you a recap of my visit. I know you are pumped. 

It was QUITE a long drive from Troy. 8ish hours to be exact.  
I worked a full day on Friday and then departed… some would say stupid.  But that some does not include me. 
I was fading fast between Macon and Savannah, GA and then I discovered my lifesaver… SUNFLOWER SEEDS AND AMP ENERGY DRINK.  Definitely saved my life… along with obnoxiously loud music!  After I started munching on the sunflower seeds… I was oddly WIDE AWAKE! 

But I FINALLY made it to see this lovely face!!!!! 
It was only like 2 AM… not sure why she looks so tired. Prob because we are nanas now! 

We went to the beach.  On most days this beach wouldn’t be near as good as the white sandy beaches of the Gulf. But… since Em was there… it was perfect!!! 
Aren’t we cute? We look pretty much identical, huh?

The next day we frolicked around downtown. It’s pretty much the cutest city in the US! 
I was also introduced to PRALINES.  I always thought that old people ate PRALINES… I was very mistaken.  These sweet morsels are basically heaven in a candy shop!! 
EAT ONE!… or SEVEN! I loved her new friends too… they are pretty great! Didn’t get to meet all of them… but I approve! 

 Yep… just Em’s city!!! 
This is called the Battery… because there’s cannons.  I didn’t make this up.  But it’s lovely! We just walked and walked and talked and talked and sweated! It was the best! Made my heart so happy! 

PLEASE NOTE… Em is wearing a t-shirt. That is why she claims she will never find a man… someone told her that once. 🙂 

 I love my bestie… for many reasons.  BUT THIS REASON IS GREAT…

 (It’s my FAV if you didn’t know!)

It was a fabulous weekend! I would drive 8 hours to see her again! 

I hope you have a best friend like her. 


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