It’s been a while…

Austin, TX

Yep… it’s been a while.

I’ve been a traveling lady… not much of a blogging lady. Went to Austin, TX (to rep the Troy ITP!) and the beach.

I must say Austin, TX is an interesting place. The shirts say “Keep Austin Weird”… they ain’t lying.  BUT what could be a better place than a place where people love WEIRDNESS!! It was great! yummy food, swanky shops and restaurants (hardest word to spell), and supposedly a huge bat population… I don’t believe them because they stood us up!!! Wanna read something funny? Okay… I got pooped on in Austin… by a bird of course! Pretty amusing, huh? Well.. a few days later my co-worker got pooped on! πŸ™‚ crazy!! Those birds there must eat a lot of fiber or something.

My heart is full with family time, days on the beach, fireworks, and good food. 

Our family portrait

I love my family. They are truly the best!  Most teenagers and young couples don’t opt to or get excited about trips with their parents… me and Jacob always have.  We are nerds… who else went on double dates with the parents the WHOLE time they were dating?? Oh… just us… that’s cool.  Whatever… it’s great. 

Just wanted to show you a few of my Instagrammin’ pics! πŸ™‚ 

Happy Birthday America! 

In other news… we leave for Belize THIS WEEKEND!!! WHAT?? I know… I shouldn’t tell the world that because thieves will go to our house… but all the essentials (people and dog) will be out so… what the hey! I am so excited for this trip.  God is preparing me big time. I am doing a Beth Moore Bible Study with a group of ladies… the “Believing God” study… and it’s wrecking my world.  I so often rely on myself… my joy, my strength, my energy, my righteousness, my rule-following, my my my… so backwards. He has given me/us a ministry so that IN HIM we are completely competent to receive it and fulfill it! It’s not of me. It’s not FOR me. I have a pride issue… I’m sure those who know me know that.  I don’t like to be told what to do or how it should be done. Yes, I like to learn… but on my terms.  I love ministry but sometimes (although I HATE to say it) it’s not solely for His glory. How my heart is changing! Praise Him. If my ministry, love, joy, energy, Bible studies, conversations, actions, prayers, blogs, and plans aren’t for Him, through Him, and in Him… what’s the point??? There isn’t one! It should be ALL about Jesus! All about making HIM FAMOUS… no one/thing else. So my prayer for me and our team… the verse for our mission is this:

Pray that WHENEVER I speak, words may be given me so that I will FEARLESSLY make known the mystery of the gospel.  Ephesians 6:19

Every word, peep, action, hug, interaction… is to make HIM known… not to be funny, cute, or even nice.  Our purpose for going to Belize and hopefully being in Troy is to make His gospel known… FEARLESSLY. It doesn’t matter the size of the ministry, the location of the ministry, or the kind of ministry… it’s just about going deeper with Jesus and overflowing on people. Hard to do with my selfishness getting in the way at times. 

Pray for us as we prepare and leave.  We will be doing orphan ministry, VBS (my bebe), evangelism (Jacob’s bebe), and a youth rally.  We are so excited to see God use the students going with us! To be a small part of his kingdom plan… how cool! 

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