off. to. Belize.

We leave today for Atlanta. Then tomorrow for Belize.  Yep. It’s really here! We are pretty excited… actually beyond excited! 

We feel ready. As ready as you can for something you’ve never experienced before. We’ve practiced our VBS songs until we are sick of them. They are GREAT songs.. like this Hippo Song! 

I know you wanted that stuck in your head! You are welcome.

We’ve practiced skits. We have costumes. We have supplies. We’ve packed our bags.  Now… it’s up to God and our obedience. We all HOPEFULLY have dug deep in His Word and His Presence. I am believing He is going to be HUGE – miracles, salvation, using us, changed hearts, seeing His glory, FREEDOM. 

God has just shown off as we’ve prepared for this trip. He is so faithful.  He has raised more money than we needed. He’s orchestrated the perfect team. He’s allowed us to have fun and experience laughter in meetings and fundraisers. He’s provided in more ways than I can type on this blog. He’s drawn us closer to Him.  He’s crazy good. 

Pray with us that:
         Satan would stay far from our team. Distractions, disunity, sin, and lies would not creep into the minds and hearts of our team members.
         The funds would be raised and our God would be glorified!
         All instructions and training would be clear and would be taken to heart.
         The people in Belize would be prepared to hear His Word and lives would be saved because of Jesus. Also, that our hearts would be open, free, and willing to love on people like Christ has called us to. 
         Our short-term trip would have lasting impact!
         There would be travel safety, protection while in Belize, and boldness in ministry!
Team members:
Jacob(the leader man), Anna (the wife), Dr. Ben (the doc), Mrs. Pam (the organized one), Becca(passionate and sporty), Caitlin(the determined one), Kaitlyn (the outgoing encourager), Deanna (the caretaker and seeker), Kelsey (the wild and loving one), Christina (the compassionate one), Caleb (the prayer warrior), Robby (the devoted one), and Zach (the willing heart)  

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