So… we are back. It was amazing. I loved every second of the trip. WARNING: There are going to be LOTS of posts about Belize… so be prepared. If you don’t like to read about missions… you are reading the wrong girl’s blog. My Belize posts are going to be lots of pictures explained… I feel that’s how God works with me… He gives me a vision or a nudge and then explains it later. So… you get the same treatment! It should be fun. 

Belize… Day 1

The amazing letters by friend Amy wrote me.  Such a God thing!!! The things she wrote for each day went along EXACTLY with what God had planned for that day!!! LOVED IT!!! If you know a friend going on a mission trip… letters for each day are AWESOME… or a mixed CD with awesome music!!! πŸ™‚ 

We made it to the airport in ATL! We were all a bit nervous! πŸ™‚ We had no idea what the week would hold! Meet Kaitlyn, Dr. Ben, Deanna, and Becca! 

Here’s my hub… the leader of the pack!!! He was a little stressed until we actually landed in Belize and under Praying Pelicans’ care! He did an AMAZING job planning and preparing for the trip. πŸ™‚ He’s pretty great! Glad we get to do ministry together… in Troy and in foreign lands. 

We made it! 
Soon after I took this picture and mean Belize customs lady yelled at me because apparently taking picture-taking in customs is illegal. But… hey… I got the photo, eh? (We worked with some Canadians this week – they were on a mission trip and staying at our hotel so… I really liked that they said EH? alot. I’m trying to incorporate it into my everyday convos.)

We are pretty pooped.  But… there’s no rest for the weary.


Here’s where we ate for lunch. It was pretty much the best pizza I’ve ever put in my mouth! And we had Coke Light… there is no Diet Coke! Coke Light is AWESOME! You should try it.

The next stop… a nursing home. We initially thought that we were going to the orphanage first… but flexibility is key when on a mission trip. The students were terrified and very unsure about talking to the old people.  They observed a lot.  I mean first of all… they just landed in a foreign county, they think they are going to play with kids, and then we force them to talk and hang out with old people… bit of a shock.

When they started talking to the residents… THEY LOVED IT! Isn’t this the most precious picture ever?? 

This is Randolph.  Him and Dr. Ben became best friends. πŸ™‚

This is Miss Joyce! I adore her. I knew I would the moment I met saw her. We talked for an hour about her jealous husband who passed away, her life in Belize and California, and all that she believes.  She loves the Lord… and I think she loves me. SMILE!!! We are besties now. She was very aware, smart, and “all there”… it was hilarious when one of the more “not there” residents starting yelling or singing… she would just roll her eyes and mumble under her breath.  Oh… Miss Joyce.
And this… this is our hotel.  We had it VERY good. We had air conditioning and toilets!!! Crazy. 

I’m excited about writing the rest… you’ll have to come back for Day 2 tomorrow… 
I’m excited to share some of our amazing God stories. I think it will help me to process everything as well. 

Thank you for all the prayers, support, and encouragement. πŸ™‚ 

God is so faithful.

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