Day Dos

Onward to Day 2! It’s SUNDAY! We got to go to the church we would be working with all week and see how they worship!! We were pretty pumped! 

Here’s the lovely ladies all dressed in their Sunday outfits… ready for church! They are pretty much the most beautiful girls you’ll ever see!!! Yep yep! 

Good morning Jacob! 

This is our church… Queen Street Baptist Church!!! It was located on… GUESS… Queen Street! It was across the street from the ocean and located in a pretty rough area of town. It also served as a school – the building on the left are the classrooms. 

This is the inside of the sanctuary!! Isn’t it wonderful and so colorful? They kept the windows open for breeze and just let the sunlight pour through!! It was delightful. 

We went to Sunday School. I didn’t know I was suppose to stay with the adults… so I went to youth Sunday School with the students. πŸ™‚ I like that better. It was awesome what the teacher spoke on because God is the same everywhere… that’s just so cool to me.  The way she talked about what God was teaching her just went right along what God had been speaking to some of our girls about.  Isn’t that crazy?… God is the same and speaking all over the world! I LOVE IT! 

Here’s how the do worship in Belize City! 
They have an AMAZING drummer – MJ – and great worship leaders. They were full of joy and praise! It was so fun!!! We sang some of the same songs that we sing in church… but, BOY… when you put some Belizean passion behind it… those songs become something totally new!!! It made me dance a lot… of course. 

Each day the church served us lunch… and it was YUMMY.  One of our sides each day was rice and beans… THEY LOVE RICE AND BEANS! 

After church we went back to the hotel for a time of meeting, resting, and spending time together.  Another team from Canada was staying at our same hotel and working at a different church in the area. During our mission meeting, we split up into groups (intermingled with the Canadians) and shared our testimony in 7 minutes. After each person shared, we went back and affirmed the people in our groups. What’s affirming?? you might ask… well it’s just telling them how awesome they are… it’s BLESSING WITH WORDS! We need to do more of that… o the power encouragement has! 
This was a really awesome time for all of us. I loved hearing the stories of the ladies in my group and crying over one of my girls, Deanna’s story and how God has just been rocking her world!!! He’s just great! This was a great way to start off the week. 

I love these girls with all my heart! 
This is us before heading back to church for the Sunday night service.
I saw some AMAZING things happening in and through Becca and Deanna last week.  God is just incredible and he definitely blessed me while I watched them serve. 

Meet Zack.  He’s hilarious. 
What’s even funnier… both red heads matching!! Zack called Jacob his dad for the rest of the week. love it!  Zack also made a harpoon gun from an umbrella, made everyone laugh until they cried, and shared the gospel with a Spanish speaking woman going door to door! πŸ™‚ 


Before church, we had our team meeting and a special worship session with just us… lead by the hubs. 
It was a special time for me. I love worshipping with a group of people I’m serving with. I believe that’s when God really brings hearts together… 


Here’s the best group. God certainly knew what he was doing when He put us together.  I promise… I only heard encouraging words out of the mouth of each person!! It was incredible how His love just oozed out of everyone. Wonderful. 

Here’s my preacher man introducing the team to the congregation and sharing a bit about himself. He had asked a few of the students to share their testimony… they were terrified… but willing.  

Here’s Caleb… the Prayer Warrior sharing his heart. God’s definitely got ministry in store for this boy! He’s great… and very AWARE of what God is leading him to do in the moment. 

Here’s Kaitlyn… the Out-going Encourager… 
She’ll be a missionary one day… just saying.
She’s funny. When she was practicing her story with our group she was trying to say something similar to the “I have grown up in church and have been attending since I was a baby”… but that’s not what she said.  She said “Basically… I was born in a pew!” HAHA! They whole time she was giving her story we were all hoping that phrase wouldn’t come out of her mouth… not quite appropriate. 

Kels… the Wild Loving One…
Now… this one’s story will bring you to tears and then put joy in your heart. Not sure how anyone could listen to this story and not believe in a Miracle-Working God! 
Here’s my hub leading worship at our Belize church. πŸ™‚ 
That’s cool…

And that’s Day 2 folks! 

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