Tuesday in Belize

Onward to Tuesday… one day we will finish the week out! haha! Not that I’m back home for a while maybe we’ll get through it! 🙂 

Tuesday morning was VBS Day #2! We were tired from the day before, but excited to get back to the kiddos! 
This is mini Anna! Isn’t she precious? I had to take a picture with her since she was another Anna! 🙂 


Those itty bitties loved Christina! They just crawled all over her! 

Here’s some precious faces.  
Our story was David and Goliath! Jacob was OBVIOUSLY Goliath! He was hilarious! 
We talked about how David got the victory because he believed whole-heartedly in God… which is SOOO true!
We went onto to talk about how David… the little shepherd boy went on to be the king of Israel and how God has amazing plans for each of them! 
So… they got to make crowns for themselves as sons and daughters of the King! 

I love this picture! 

Here is the missionary story lady.

After VBS we had some time together to eat, chill, and rest.
Jacob and Zane played a little game where you stacked up bolts – the most stacked… won. 

Shannon taught our girls how to make bracelets which was really special to them. They made them for the rest of the week! LOVED how the Praying Pelican staff just poured into our team and invested in us as much as they could in the short week we were with them! 

From VBS and finishing our cleaning job at the church, we went back to the nursing home! 
We were really excited to go back. Nail polish and crafts in hand… we were ready to love on these amazing people! 

Making bracelets as we went…

Christina wrote the sweetest note for another Christina, a resident at the nursing home.  This was so precious. The older Christina cherished it… you can see it in her eyes and smile! 🙂 Made my heart just wanna sing out!!!! PRAISE JESUS! 

My momma had made WONDERFUL purses for me to sell in order to raise money to go to Belize.  Well… I’m a really awful saleswoman, so I had a lot left. So… I figured the best thing to do with them would be to give them to the people of Belize. Oh… and the women LOVED them!!! Look at Miss Joyce’s smile!!! They loved them! 🙂 

Painting nails…

What a blessing to be pampered and to love on someone else! 

Jacob was in awe of the girls’ servant hearts and how excited they were to paint the ladies’ nails.  I love his face here – just being blessed by the youth under his leadership! 

This is Miss Eva. She was precious and Kaitlyn’s new best friend. 
Well.. Miss Eva was IN LOVE with Jacob.  She saw him and Kaitlyn told her he was my husband.  She called me over and told me that she was going to have to take my husband home with her! haha!!! I told she could borrow him… 
She wanted to meet him… so I brought him over.  It was soooo funny! She just giggled and talked to him. She told him she was going to take him home! ha! 
She said he just has the hair… the face… the smile.  I took off his hat and showed her his red hair and she just swooned!!! 
Later, Kaitlyn told her that Jacob was going to play some songs for everyone to sing along with.  She said… “Oh… I bet he sings like an angel!” 
HAHA! Hilarious!! I love it! I didn’t know going to the nursing home I was going to have to be watching out for husband-stealers! ha! 

Here’s the hub leading worship.
This time was truly one of the most amazing things in my life. 
He played hymns and simple children’s songs, but these residents adored it. 
We sang Amazing Grace and I have never seen people worship in such spirit and truth as these people were. Miss Gladis was raising her hands and singing at the top of her lungs. 
We sang songs like “Jesus Loves the Little Children” and “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”… and they sang it proudly with the most sincere hearts. It was so beautiful. I just wanted to stay in that moment. 
At one point, we were singing a hymn and some of us got lost.  A lady that was in a wheelchair and who hadn’t raised her head up the entire time we had been there, lifted her head high and sang LOUD out to Jesus to help us get back on track. 
Ohh… it was such a precious time.  

It was sad leaving our friends at Golden Haven nursing home… knowing they would stay in those conditions… knowing they would just be waiting on another group to love on them. There were such a blessing to us and memories we won’t soon forget.
We then went to the other church for dinner and headed back to the hotel.
Still after a long day of working and serving… only encouraging words came from our team members.  Only excitement for the next day. Only joy. 
It’s just so good when you are serving Jesus! 

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