WeDnEsDaY – MaYaN rUiNs

 Wednesday was a more chill day! Our leaders took care of us… they knew we were getting tired and so they planned a half day of serving and then fun time at the Mayan Ruins. I think it’s funny that we went to the Mayan Ruins the year that the world is going to end or whatev… we’ll see. 

 First… VBS! 🙂

Love these children
Worship… one of my favorite times! Love that we can look crazy and have fun all in the name of Jesus! 
On the first day, the girls in our class came up to me and asked “Why do you jump so much?”… haha. I just told them I was happy and loved jumpin’ for Jesus!… They didn’t really get it… one day they will! 🙂 

Each day we did a skit to explain the stories.
Wednesday was about Jesus calling the disciples and them following and growing in Him! 

 Here’s some pictures of my kiddos.
We made stained-glass plates….

 And bracelets with letters on them like the one of my wrist here:

They LOVED making the bracelets because they could personalize them. 
There were beads EVERYWHERE… but it was worth it! 

Love my Becca!! Such a servant!!! So many of my God stories have her in them… not only in Belize but in Troy! Love this girl! 

Here’s sweet Kelvin and his bro listening to… HUDSON TAYLOR!!!!  

Wednesday was good at the church. We cherished every moment with the kiddos.  I kept feeling like the mornings were too short. I wanted more time to invest… especially with the older kids… and less time running around like a crazy lady.  VBS taught me a lot about the BEST way to do things for future trips! 🙂 Planning and doing are good things… but investing and loving on kiddos is the BEST thing.  🙂 Don’t forget that in everyday life… busy-ness is good. work is good. doing is good. BUT what is the BEST thing?  As the summer camp I worked for when I was in college always said, “KEEP THE MAIN THING THE MAIN THING!” AMEN!

After lunch and time together at the church, we headed off (with the Canadians) to the Mayan Ruins.
Actually… as we were told… the Mayan “Ruins” in Belize are not actually ruins… because the buildings are still there.  They call them Mayan Temples. So… off to the Mayan “temples” we went. 

Here’s the map of the “temples”… 
really people… they are ruins because everyone is dead and… it just sounds better.

We climbed lots of places.

Saw pretty sights like this.

 Took pictures with the hubs.
No big deal… just the rain forest in the background.
Isn’t God cool? He made the trees perfectly even like a 2nd floor of the earth! He’s pretty creative, eh? 

At the top! 
Some of the group! LOVE THESE PEOPLE! 

After our adventures at the Mayan RUINS… we headed to the hotel to get fancied up for church at the Canadian’s church. 
It was good to just rest and be feed. 
The pastor talked on the importance and power of prayer… something that God has been drilling into my head like never before.  I love confirmation and re-teaching. I love that He loves me so much that He still wants to teach me and change me… I don’t want to stay the same. I want to be molded and made more like Him. 

Oh… my heart longs to be back in Belize…serving with our team… serving with my hubs. 
My heart is so free when I am serving…

Can’t wait to go back! 

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  1. loved this day!! your beads everywhere comment reminded me of the jewelry making we did in Kenya. I remember trying to tell the kiddos not to stick beads in their mouth in KSL! haha yeah that went real well!and i love how all your girls all have a bandana in their hair :)our legacy is living on 🙂

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