ThUrSdAy – My favorite day… in a bittersweet way

This was my favorite day… in a bittersweet way.
Just be warned… this day is EXTRA long… I have lots to say! 
Lots of rhyming there! 🙂
Our last day at VBS 😦 
It was all about the cross. Our skit was, I hope, a clear picture of what happened leading up to and on the cross.  The students did an excellent job! 
The picture above is Jacob going through the salvation plan with 2 kids. (Note the little girl listening intently).  Most of the kids had never heard the gospel explained like that… in their terms, with visuals, and one-on-one.  They kept asking for us to go through the colors again.  

Jacob got to explain salvation to the group as a whole.  They were actually very attentive to him. 
He did a great job and I know seeds were planted in their hearts. 

Each kid also made a salvation for themselves. The beads and salvation was spoken to each child again. They were able to ask questions and were prayed over by one of the team members. I know for my class it was a sweet time.  I was able to talk to some of the older kids and let them ask questions and talk about the sin they had in their life. 

The students decided they wanted to paint the kids’ faces 🙂
Aren’t they all sooo precious?? They all wanted the kitty face! 

Here’s some of the class I worked in. They look SO excited, huh? 🙂
Well.. if you had doubts… no matter where you are in the world… teenagers are still… teenagers.

Lamar and I listening to the last day of HUDSON TAYLOR!!! 
This story was a good story… it really was. It was more entertaining to us because of the way the lady told it! It was great. 
Funny thing- the Bible Study I’m doing now “Believing God” by Beth Moore actually mentioned Hudson Taylor and his obedience to God! Hilarious!! It was good to know that he was a real person.  And the lady telling the story never told us he died… but he did… don’t worry.  

Jacob really liked this point from the story:


Is he the cutest thing or what? 

Precious girls (and boy) that I so wanted more time with. 
…I’ll be back. 

Love these faces. 

One of my favorite stories-
So after VBS was over, this little girl – remember from the 1st picture! – came running back into the gates of the church! She stopped Shannon and BEGGED her to tell her the story of salvation again. She said she wanted to make sure she had it right so she could go home and tell her family!!!! AWESOME!!! Love that! The gospel being spread through the kids! His Word will not return void and He will use the young as examples to the world! Go Jesus go!  

For lunch we had… BARRACUDA STEAK!!! 
It was delicious and a first for all us Americans! 

Love these sisters and so thankful for the opportunity to serve with and under them! 

After lunch we headed back to Rootsville for the last.

Here’s the hubs with 2 Rastafarians we met there –
Mark and a man they call “the Baptist.”  He’s not Baptist… he’s Rastafarian. 
They were really cool guys… very interesting and loved talking. Jacob sat and talked with them for about an hour on life and their beliefs. Fun times! 
While walking around in the community… we saw these bird things!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THOSE?! Ostrich and rooster mix? I didn’t know so I steered clear. BUT the brave boys felt like they needed to go to the house… so they went fearlessly.  The lady in there was actually Spanish-speaking. The boys had taken Spanish in school last year… so they were able to communicate with her some. 🙂 Cool stuff. 

NOW… one of my FAVORITE stories from the trip:
So… while I was standing there talking to a little boy… the students sneaked away to these kids. Becca said she just felt led to go, so she went.  They asked the boys if they knew who Jesus was. THEY HAD NEVER HEARD OF THAT NAME!!! They never even heard His name!!! 
So… Becca, Caleb, and Zack had the privilege of explaining the Good News to these boys for the very first time! They gave them their own salvation bracelets and explained what each color meant and how it could be something personally for them! 
They also had never owned a Bible. We couldn’t leave them without the Word. So… we all ran back to the bus and grabbed our Bibles. 

They now own Bibles… Bibles with lots of writing, underlining, and highlights throughout. 
Praying hard for mentors for each of them. That they would know Jesus. That they would learn His Word. That they would seek Him.
My wonderful door to door team! 

After Rootsville… we were able to go back to the orphanage.
Oh… my heart is so there. Jacob talked with Eric, who stole his heart on Monday, the entire time. 
Just pray… that’s all I have to say.

While we went to the orphanage, Mrs. Pam wanted to stay back with the Canadians and help with the Eye glass clinic.  I was able to snap a picture of her working when we got back.  She said it was such a blessing and a great experience.  Giving sight to people is an amazing thing! They not only gave glasses to each person that came in, they also spoke with each one personally – hearing stories, sharing Christ, and listening to their hearts. They got to pray over people in those chairs as they worked to find the perfect pair of glasses! What an incredible ministry! 

After we went back to the hotel to get dolled up again, we had dinner at the Canadians’ church and then headed back to Queen Street Baptist for our farewell service.
Jacob got used to being put on the spot to lead worship while we were in Belize.  Shannon was willing to help lead with him this time as well. 

Here’s our fearless leaders – Pastor Lloyd, Herman, Laura, and Shannon
We could not have asked for better, more loving, more passionate, more God-fearing, Spirit-led people. Golly… they were such a blessing. I cannot even put into words how awesome they are! 

 We had an opportunity to share what the week at Queen Street had meant to us. Many shared. Shannon’s encourage brought me to tears. 🙂 Mrs. Nancy (in the yellow), is the pastor’s wife. She is so sweet. She gave Jacob a Belize hat because she said she never saw him without one on… so true. She gave me a Belize spoon holder for my cooking… hmmm… good thing I cook so much. But it’s beautiful and I’m going to HANG IT UP… it will get more use that way. SMILE!  

Saying good-bye was bittersweet. 
So thankful for our time at each place in Belize. It will will never be forgotten.

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