Just Words…

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.
Hebrews 11:6


A word we throw around all the time. 
A word that should define our lives… our moments… our identities. 
A word I have learned SO much about this summer. 

If you asked me what I learned this summer, it would be how I am BELIEVING God.  I know… simple right. NOPE. There’s a difference in believing 
IN God and ACTIVELY BELIEVING Him. To totally TRUST Him… in everything – the “big” and the “small.” To KNOW He is good and He is faithful and He hears me. To be aware of His answers. To earnestly SEEK HIM.  To pray BELIEVING He is a miracle-working God and that He is who He says He is.

The Bible study I participated in with the women at my church, Beth Moore’s “Believing God” has truly rocked my world.  It’s not her words that have changed me… it’s simply been putting into practice and BELIEVING, hardcore BELIEVING, that God is the Lord Almighty.  Wow… He has shown up and shown off.  And not because He has to.  Just because He loves me enough to not leave me the same. Because He loves me so much… He wants to teach me.  He loves me so much He wants to use me. He loves us so much…

This summer has changed my life. There are foundations laid for changes that will forever alter… everything. There is a prayer life and a peace and a joy that I never thought possible.  Yes, life is good right now… it really is.  But I also know that when (not if) life gets rocky and Satan comes a swingin’… my God is a ROCK and I am believing Him. He’s got me hooked 🙂 

I have also learned that sometimes with FAITH and BELIEVING there is some WAITING for God’s timing involved. His timing is PERFECT, but… patience and waiting are not my favorite things. BUT… I have also learned this summer that a season of waiting means a season of intense training, learning, equipping, and growing. It means I have a lot more to know before it all happens! 🙂 And that’s okay. 

There was a song at Passion 2012 called “Lay Me Down” by Chris Tomlin.  There’s a bridge in the song that says:

It will be my joy to say, Your will, Your way… always

I have to be honest… in January… I couldn’t say that with my whole heart because that’s a big statement.  His Way… ALWAYS… sometimes that’s not very enjoyable if you know what I mean.  Because of my interpreting brain.. I always look at and analyze the words before I sing a song… because that’s important. Who wants to sing and say stuff they don’t mean… I don’t. BUT… I will scream this bridge at the top of my lungs now! I trust Him completely. His ways are best. He knows my heart’s desires and oh… how He will make them realities. 

Can’t wait… well I guess I’ll have to wait… to see where He takes us.  NOT PHYSICALLY (don’t worry… we aren’t leaving Troy)… just in general… I’m excited to see what all He’s up to.  He’s making a way… 

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