MORE CLOCKS… and my heart


Exciting times… football is starting, long weekend, and adoption! 🙂 Just get used to it… now that I can finally say WE ARE ADOPTING.. I’m gonna say it a lot! YAY! 

This week was extremely good for my heart! God is at work. Our youth room was packed on Wednesday night! That’s good stuff.  Now… we aren’t all about numbers. We concentrate on DEPTH. But… if students are there.. PRAISE GOD! We have an awesome college student, Hunter, who leads worship for us each week! He’s great and we are so thankful for him! 

Last night was our community outreach ministry, The Connection!! We had 44 people come! We were able to give our school supplies and school uniforms to kids who came.  We also gave out 29 Bibles and had people asking for more!! That’s a great problem to have.  I’m willing to go broke to have the Word of God in people’s hands! It was a really great time.  Sometimes… when you think something is not worth continuing because you don’t have a huge support from the church… God shows up and He reminds you why you do what you do. I’m thankful He knows me and knows when my heart needs encouragement. 

Last – MORE CLOCKS!!! Buy one… show your friends… have a wedding shower coming up? Birthday? Christmas??? Football season??? Just because?  

Alabama clock anyone? Yea… me neither, but we can make YOUR team colors! 🙂 

This one was made for a dance studio called 5, 6, 7, 8,… DANCE!!! 
I like it. It’s fun! 🙂

ARTSY!!! We have some more unique ones being finished up!!! I like the weird ones the best! This one is going to be hanging in an art room! Perfect, huh?

Classy 🙂

GO VOLS!!! War Eagle!! Or… maybe ya just like the rusty look.. I do!!! 

Keep praying! 
Happy Labor Day Weekend! 

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