Adoption… Humor!

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So… Adoption isn’t ALL about paperwork and money.  Jacob and I have had some fun along the way. Some funnies happened this weekend… wanna read about them? Okay… 3 stories here…

#1 So Friday we had to go get our medical exams for the adoption paperwork.  Our sweet doc friend saw us after hours to help us out! (so thankful). So we go and are getting stuff checked out… we’re healthy as larks! Then we had to get blood work done… sounded fun.  We go over to the tech guy and get ready to give our cells.  He starts making fun of people who pass out while giving blood.  He said he likes to take pictures of the passed out people and post them on Facebook (funny). Then he said but everyone he has told that to hasn’t passed out because people are more scared of facebook than needles…
So… Jacob goes first. He has perfect veins apparently and gets the blood out like a champ. Then it’s my turn.
My veins are pretty good now… very blue and veiny.  He got the needle in there pretty easily and was getting some redness in the tubes.  Then… he started saying that the flow was slowing down and he started mashing on my vein to get the blood to come out.  Okay… not cool.  So, I had a stress ball in my hand to help… so I started pumped my hand as hard as I could because I was feeling a bit dizzy… 
He kept mashing around and I got dizzier and dizzier.  My head was getting heavier… so I said, “I’m feeling a bit dizzy…”  I was trying to convince myself that I didn’t need to pass out.  Jacob’s response was, “You aren’t gonna pass out are ya?”…
I said, “I’m trying not to…” THEN I PASSED OUT with the needle still in my arm! The stress ball hit the floor! The tech freaked out.  Jacob went into camp counselor mode! And I was out! BAHAHAHA!
I woke up and Jacob was fanning me. Tech guy was a little frazzled. And I wasn’t feeling so good.

I laid down and got some color back in my face… and we laughed LOTS! But… guess what?! No one took pictures of me!! Hip hip hooray! 🙂

Sad news… the doc called and said Jacob’s blood work came back great but guess who has to go get hers done again because they didn’t get enough blood… ME!!!!!! AHH!!! What am I going to do!!!! golly… super humorous!! or not…

#2 The parentals/future grandparents came down this weekend for birthday celebrations… and we put them to work on clocks! We had a great day – yummy food, good convos, and CLOCKS! We made about 25 clocks this weekend! WOO HOO! But it was so humorous to me… all of us woman wallowing around on the cement floor painting these wooden clocks… with the majority of the paint getting on our clothes and faces than the actual clocks!! We laughed at ourselves a lot! 🙂 It’s SOOOOOO good (not a strong enough word) that we have parents… and Eric has grandparents who are willing to get dirty and messy and worn out to help us!

FYI – their grandparent names are Big D and Grammy (Jacob’s parents) and my mom’s name is Grann! 🙂 That was decided this week… I looked up what grandma was in Creole (which is what they speak in Belize… English and Creole).  I like it! GRANN! And my dad’s name is PawPaw (decided by Ava!) 🙂

#3 So.. Tuesday we went to Atlanta for a Lifeline Children’s Services (our homestudy agency) seminar called “ADOPT WITHOUT DEBT” (YES PLEASE!).  We had a great time just being in the car together… away for Troy and the chaos. We REALLY enjoy the seminar.  Most of the information was taken from this book…
because the author was the presenter! Julie was great!! We got lots more ideas, met other couples in the adoption process, and got to spend the night together.  Well… after the seminar was done… my brain was just whirling with different ideas.  We both had to use the restroom before heading back to Troy…
So, I was just talkin’ away… not paying attention… and I followed Jacob RIGHT INTO THE MEN’S BATHROOM!!!!! bahahahaha!! He turned around (I still didn’t know what I had done) and said, “Ummm…. you know you are in the men’s bathroom, right?” hahaha.  So I scampered out. THANK GOD no one was standing at the urinal at the time!!!!

So… adoption is quite humorous… it does crazy things to your mind and heart! 🙂 Hope you had some laughs.


  1. I can totally see you walking into the boys bathroom haha. i about cracked up in class but i somehow managed to contain myself. i couldn't control smiling real big and ridiculous though!

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