It’s good to be TWENTY-FIVE!!

It’s good to be 25! 

Before this year… before this summer… I was kinda dreading it because it’s basically 30! When you round up… definitely THIRTY!! I don’t like that. 30 is basically 50 which is pretty much 100… so just take me to the home!  Okay… I’m a bit dramatic, but 25 was a big step in my mind… but never as important in my mind as it truly is in our lives this year.

You see… for our adoption of ERIC at least 1 (one) of us has to be 25! Well… I took one for the team! But… one of us also has to be at least 12 years older! ME AGAIN! because… you see… Eric will turn 13 before Jacob is 25… and that wouldn’t work.  How crazy is it that God knew… even before I was born… that he was creating a crazy girl that would want a 12/13 year old son named Eric when she was 25! He lined my birthday up exactly in the right place for Eric to become our son!! He made sure Eric was born at the perfect time so that he could become a Morgan!! WHAT?!?! I know… He is blowing my mind too! …And it’s just the beginning I’m sure! 

He knew that this girl…

when she turned 25… would be in the process of adopting the most beautiful, wonderful, and already so loved little boy from Belize.  

God is crazy. God is good. He is faithful. He knows what He’s doing. 

Happy 25th Birthday to me! 🙂

Want to get me a present? haha! Well… buy a clock or a puzzle piece and help us get Eric home! 🙂 That’s what I want most! 

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