bye bye September.

September is gone.  It was a good month. A crazy month.  A month I will never forget.

This past weekend was good times. First, my wonderful hubs to me to a Braves game for my birthday.  This was not any ol’ Braves game… this was Chipper Jones Night!! His last weekend to play at Turner Field! Now… I LOVE CHIPPER! I always have!! When he was a rookie and younger and cuter… definitely had a crush on him… but now he’s kinda old… and I just like him.  We had so much fun though! The game was fun and all about #10… the field even had a HUGE 10 on it!! They had a whole ceremony for him before the game started.  JACOB CRIED!!! HAHA!!! He shed a tear during the tribute… HILARIOUS!!! But it was great… just getting out of Troy… going to the big city… getting lost going to Olive Garden and settling for Chick-fil-a… going through the ghetto… and laughing lots.  We stayed the night in ATL too!! It was romantical… 🙂

I had a fabulous birthday! I felt (and feel) very loved.

These are posters from the youth group! 🙂
I love that they called me Eric’s mom! I can’t wait til he’s here and we can celebrate all our birthdays as a family!! Ohh…. glorious day! 
Here’s some sneaky friends who tricked me into showing up for a my own party!! 🙂 I loved it… and Zaxby’s was super yummy!  I’m grateful for my girls! 
Saturday night… we tried to go play broom hockey with the youth! Tried being the key word. 
We showed up at the ice skating arena (it’s in a mall).  Our 25 youth scampered out onto the ice and started going crazy.  Jacob and I were a bit concerned because there was no worker there… 
A janitor came up and all he said was, “HE GONE!” Jacob asked what he meant, and he responded, “HE GONE!” Apparently… the guy who worked the ice skating rink was GONE! He just left! But get this… Jacob had talked to him at like 4:00 that afternoon and everything was ready to go… this had been planned for about 2 months… and the dude just LEFT!!! seriously??? 
Don’t worry though… Barrett brough Nerf guns for the occasion so the kids were running around the mall Charlie’s Angels style shooting each other while we were trying to figure out what to do.  HAHA! 
Jacob, being the resourceful guy he is, decided on bowling!!! So… that’s what we did (hence the picture)! We had a blast!! Jacob won… both times! Boo! 
After the festivities of the weekend… we had to get back to clockin’
LOTS of work to do… but so worth it! Because… we will get Eric!!! 🙂 
BUY YOURS TODAY!! $30 for 15 inch clock. $50 for 2 ft clock. Plus shipping.
Or… BUY A PUZZLE PIECE!!!! $10 each! 

Puzzle pieces are selling… special names are being written on each piece.  Get your name, your family’s name, or your favorite people’s names on some today!!! Help us bring Eric home!!! 

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