We took a trip to Nashville this weekend. It was splendid. I love Nashville… because lots of my besties live there… kinda makes me wanna move there… but God hasn’t said anything about that… so we will stay where we are.

We got to take this trip because we wanted to go celebrate the union of these 2 lovebirds! Ami and Canaan Chapman! …and celebrate we did!

We made a stop to see the Whatleys… new residents of Nash-vegas!!! The Whatleys are our friends from UAB/Birmingham days! Katy and I were besties on UAB dance team – through my addiction to Monster energy drinks, smiling/jumping/dancing like crazy women at all UAB events, and lots of Katy/Anna time!  Jacob and I had a delightful time with them. Old Spaghetti Factory.  Walking around downtown. Cute Apartment living. Catching up. Cultural Festival. The Parthenon. Sunny day.  I love the Katy.

Saturday was wedding day and more bestie time. I got to be reunited with Lindsey Jo, Emily, and Ami and the wedding! Here’s a pic of us – 5 years ago… and today!! Such an amazing friendship… our God knew exactly what we would need and He provided us with amazing sisters to run through life with!! And… we have a pretty good time together! (Sad Beck wasn’t there… she’s our other part).
Now… if you didn’t catch it before… Ami is now a CHAPMAN!! Yes… that’s right… related to Christian royalty… STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN. Needless to say, I am now best friends with uncle steve – just kickin’ it with him on the dance floor right her!! haha! I know… stalker. Don’t lie… you’d do it too! 
Fun lanterns.
My heart is always so full after time with the besties.  It’s just good. Snuggle time. Laughing. And just knowing you are understood and loved… without having to pretend. That’s a good feeling. I love them. 
And… Jacob and I LOVE our lil’ nephew Isaac Henry!!!! He is ready for his cousin, Eric, to get here too!!! 🙂 Isn’t he a doll????? 
Great weekend. Great friends. 

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