lately… life has been crazy. it’s been very busy… i could barely keep up.

Last week I had got to go to an interpreting conference for Troy in Charlotte, NC. I was wish some lovely ladies… and we were the bomb with technology.

While I was eating at swanky, yummy pizza places like this,

my husband was sitting in a tree like this
After a week in Charlotte, I was ready to be back home with these fellas 🙂
Our sis-in-law, Ashley, came down on Tuesday to do an Origami Owl jewelry party as a fundraiser to GET ERIC HOME! It was great! If you want to order online, just go to http://www.ashleymorgan.origamiowl.com and place your order! If you want the proceeds to go to Eric, when you put you name in the order put YOUR NAME/MORGAN so she knows it’s for us! Here’s cute pics from when some of the fam came down for the partay! 

In other news… we are still trucking along in the home study and adoption process, still making clocks, and still praying like a crazy woman for Eric… ready to get him home!

We are also planning a mission trip with our college students to COSTA RICA!!!! We are super excited, and a bit nervous about this!!! We have a super solid group growing – 12 total! Our college group has been digging into what it means to truly have faith… ACTIVE FAITH… and what it looks like to ACTIVELY BELIEVE GOD! So… some of them are putting their words to actions and heading to Costa Rica with us during Spring Break! That’s March… not far away.  The nervousness comes in for me and Jacob when we stop looking UP to the Lord and look at the finances and realize we are raising money for an adoption… and now a mission trip! AHHH! Seems impossible. But… He who calls us is SO faithful… so we will trust and actively believe Him.  We are so excited about this trip.  We’ll be traveling with Praying Pelican Missions again, with Laura, our same trip leader from Belize.  We will be going to a remote part of Costa Rica, hiking up a mountain to a village, staying with this community, ministering to whatever needs they have, and just enjoying God’s work.  The first missionary made it to this tribe 8 years ago, and we are the first team to ever go work with them.  We have no idea what this trip is going to look like yet, but we are excited for this adventure! Please be in prayer for our team, the people in Costa Rica, that God would (as we know He will) miraculously raise all the funds, and that every step of this would be for His glory!

So, for everything in our life, more than ever before, we are believing God. I love Beth Moore… I think we are best friends… she just doesn’t know it.  We are both pretty spastic and we both love Jesus a lot and I LOVE her Bible study “I’m Believe God.” The 5 phrases from that book, called the Shield of Faith, have been my lifeline for the past 6 months.  Take them as truth… and they’ll change your life. But – when you say it you have to say them in a high-pitched, excited, Elmo-y voice, count them off with your hands, and then bat your hand 3 times when you scream out “I’M BELIEVING GOD!” We do this every week at Bible study and college. Haha! They love it! So… let’s practice:

#1 God is who He says He is
#2 God can do what He says He can do
#3 I am who God says I am
#4 I can do all things through Christ
#5 God’s Word is alive and active in me


What are you believing Him for?

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