beyond blessed

This morning, I am still in awe and overwhelmed at all that happened yesterday for the cause of our adoption! It was an amazing day! It really was.

I headed up to Birmingham for a yard sale hosted at my mom and in-laws’ church, The Community Church, in Springville, AL. The pastor (formerly my youth pastor) and his wife are all about adoption and wanted to support ours in some way… so they came up with the yard sale idea. They worked tirelessly on Friday to get everything set up… my mom was POOPED by the time I got there Friday night. But, it was set and ready to go for Saturday morning! Looks at all the stuff:

And the pastor’s kids wanted to help too, so they cam equipped in their Halloween costumes ready to welcome people in
Probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  Who wouldn’t stop for that? Or least slow down enough to almost wreck????? HAHA!
So, God is so good! 
In just 5 hours,  7:00-12:00, we raised over $1,000!!!!
I am blown away and so thankful! No words can express how much appreciation we have for The Community Church, our parents, and all who helped with the yard sale yesterday! 🙂 AWESOME! 

So, While I was in Birmingham raking in the dollars for selling stuff, Jacob was in Troy for a work day with the amazing people from Hepzibah Baptist Church. They have taken on the cause of adoption as the responsibility of the body of Christ, and are supporting us as we work to get Eric home.  They so graciously partnered with us in building some clocks and devoted a WHOLE day to building them with us.  Most of these people are strangers… just wanting to serve the Lord and help a little boy get home!!!! So amazing… so humbling! Look at these people work!

Jacob sent me these pictures while I was working at the yard sale… I had to fight back tears! Complete strangers… serving the Lord and serving us. WOW! 
So when I get home I went straight to the barn to see all they had done! 
They had put together and painted over 115 clocks!!! 
That is so great! 

 Again, we are having an EXTREMELY hard time saying how thankful we are… our hearts are just filled to the brim with joy and gratitude! I hope God just blesses all of you in CRAZY ways like you have blessed us.
Just in awe…

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