things i love

I have been a busy lady lately… not much time for blogging.  LOTS of clocks and LOTS of time with people – both are great things. I do wonder what we would do with all that time if we weren’t clock-ing.

Lately… life is good. Busy and good. Challenging and good. I have been learning lots about how nothing but Jesus is good in me. Really… nothing. I have selfish and bitter so often… never just letting myself be satisfied by Him. It’s a great thing He loves me greatly and wants to change me.

But here are some things my heart has SO enjoyed…

Black Friday shopping with mom and Margie… and Olive Garden 

NSYNC – the BEST Christmas CD EVER!!! 

Connection Thanksgiving meal! 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Jesus knows how to encourage me. When I am feeling down and want to quit, He sends over 60 people to a Connection meal. Sigh… I just love Jesus. And I love these people. 
Decking the Halls 
When we decorate… we get to read our guest book from our wedding!! Love that people signed the ornaments for us! Reading them just makes me even more thankful for my man, our family, wedding day, and Christmas!  

Now… this group of people is so special. 
The ROPE College group. 
A community. Prayer Warriors. laughers. jokesters. Lovers of Jesus. Encouragers. Missionaries. 
I have never ever ever seen church done like it’s done with these people.  So bless I get to be a part of it. Although I get discouraged at times with things… there is never a week I DON’T look forward to college time! I love these people… and all their quirks! 
So thankful Jacob and I are invited into their crap… their craziness… their joys… and their journeys! 
They like to make fun of me… I apparently do this hand thing when I recite the SHIELD OF FAITH each week!! haha! 
My lesson for the week: 
Maybe you are feeling discouraged like I have been… wanting to just back down at times. 
Do you remember why you started it? When were you passionate about the Lord? About His people? About His purpose? What do you LOVE to do? Where do you need to focus?
GET BACK THERE!!!! Don’t forget what He’s done! Don’t forget why you started! Don’t forget He is faithful! Don’t forget He has called you to a purpose! Don’t forget He is in the miracle business!!! 
P.S. I am not talking about giving up on adoption! I am so overwhelmed with all God is doing through it! Can’t WAIT to have Eric here!!!! 

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