It’s Twenty Thirteen.. already amazing!


I’ve been having too much fun to blog. But, as promised, here’s some awesome pictures (with our new camera) of some of my favorite people.  I got to spend 3 whole days with these beautiful gals:

I love them. I don’t know what I’d do without them… really. A girl surely needs friends she can just let loose with… talk about the hard stuff with, laugh with, shop with, sit around in p.j.s with, eat with, clean with,… and most of all… be herself with. These are my girls. I love them tremendously.

My Em… my college roomie… bunkbed mate… best friend ever.  She gets me and loves me… all my craziness included.  She even went to Africa with me… that’s true love. Don’t we look identical?  People have FOR REAL asked us if we were twins… one dude even thought we were the same person.  I know… I’m confused as you about that one. 
My Lindsey Jo. I love her. I knew as soon as I met her she was suppose to be my sister… and that’s what she’s become. She’s wonderful.  She’s living life in the fast lane and loving every bit of it. I love her heart and her family and when I grow up I’m gonna be like her! So thankful for her friendship.

They are beautiful – I hope you have friends like them.
I surely missed Beck and Ames during the visit! 

THEN… we got to go to one of my favorite things ever… PASSION 2013!!! Oh… how Jesus is lifted high there! And… not only did I get to go… I got to interpret!!! AHHH!!!! My dream come true.  I have had the privilege to interpret at this conference for the past three years… all because EMILY told me they had interpreters at Passion and that I should be one of them. So… I started emailing… and they responded!!!! And I have had the amazing privilege to interpret for so many of the people I look up to and learn from!!! AMAZING! Here’s some pics from the trip! 
The High School seniors heading to the GA DOME!!! So much expectation packed into that van!!! I love them with all my heart. God is going to do IMMEASURABLY more with them!  I know God worked some big works in their lives!!!! So thankful! 

My hubs… so thankful I get to live life with this fella. He is amazing… He really is. He is my leader and my best friend. 

No big deal… just hanging out with 60,000 of my closest friends… worshipping Jesus!!! O… so good! 

The most amazing interpreting team you could ask for!!! So blessed to work with them! God put this team together.. for sure!!! It was SO awesome to see the Deaf students worship Jesus WITH us… to see how they GOT it… to see them laugh with the rest of the dome… to sing… to lean into what Jesus had for them at Passion 2013! So good! 

The amazing mentees from Troy University!!! So blessed to be their “leader”… as they call me. I know I don’t talk about my job much on here… it’s not because I don’t enjoy it (most of the time). I love my job because I get to invest in faces like these!! To love on them in the everyday stresses of life. Sometime I don’t do a good job of it… but this is my mission field.  I love my job because I love the students in our program. I love to see them enjoy interpreting, invest in the lives of the Deaf, for them to see their potential, and for them to know that I BELIEVE IN THEM! 

Interpreting for the Passion Band.

My spastic face while interpreting for Beth Moore.  She’s my best friend… she may not know it… but BY GOLLY… she has taught me SO much and I just love her passion for the Word and for Jesus. SO SO SO stinking honored to put her message into ASL. 

I had the BEST time interpreting for Lecrae with this girl, SUNSHINE! Such a fun story too – So… I got up to interpret for Lecrae and was jamming out! Well… we had a couple of Deaf students who did not know sign language and relied on lip reading.  Well… I love interpreting for Lecrae but I do not know every word he is spittin’.  BUT.. this girl did!!! Sunshine, who just HAPPENED to join the signing section THAT session – probably a God thang!  So… the interpreter coordinator pulled her up there and we jammed TOGETHER!! And… for the first time, perhaps, those students got to experience the amazingly Biblical lyrics of Lecrae… a rapper!!! So fun!!! 
p.s. while I was up there… I had NO CLUE what Sunshine was doing… but I invited her up on the platform with me so we could party together!!! I didn’t find out the cool God-story until after!! I had no idea what we were doing there together… I just thought it was fun! 

Jammin’ to Lecrae! 
Thankful for the days in 2013 already. 
So excited for what this year holds… I hope Eric will become a Morgan within the year!!!!! PRAYING AND WAITING AND LEARNING! 

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