the beauty…

Lately… I’ve just been enjoying the beauty of life. 

The beauty of new opportunities.

I am now selling Origami Owl jewelry to continue our fundraising efforts for adoption and our upcoming mission trip to Costa Rica. 

Check our the amazing jewelry at .  
If you have any problems or questions email me at It’s a great gift for Valentine’s Day or for yourself! I love mine! 

The beauty of a job well done… and COMPLETION 
Jacob graduated and got his degree! So proud of him! 

The beauty of COMMUNITY
I got to serve alongside these amazing people at BEHOLD camp. It was probably my last year to be there because hopefully this time next year ERIC WILL BE HERE and I’ll be spoiling him!!! But… my many years working Behold have continually showed me the importance and beauty of community founded IN HIM! It’s so beautiful… 

The beauty of my Jesus… 
My Jesus is beautiful and He sends me reminders all the time of His perfect character and beautiful heart. I am learning so much about Him right now.  I want my heart and life to get to a point that my JOY, my ENERGY, and my perseverance comes when I’m just thinking about my Jesus. He is so good. He is faithful. He loves me greatly. 

The Morgans have a lot coming up that I am super pumped about:
Community-wide Disciple Now (YAY FOR UNITY!)
Youth ski trip
Costa Rica mission trip
Continuing Bible study
Plans for the summer

God is doing a lot in this simple gal’s heart… and I adore it. 

Doing another Beth Moore study, “Jesus, The One and Only.” We are studying… GUESS… JESUS!! One of the lessons was about how God picked Mary, a simple Galilean teenager, to be the mother of Jesus. She says “How I love the way God works! Just when we decide He’s too complicated to comprehend, He draws stick pictures.” 

LOVE THAT!!! Thankful He uses and teaches and loves and disciplines and reveals His heart to stick people like me… 

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