It’s Walter-man’s 2nd birthday!! YAY! 
Now… we love our dog.  Who wouldn’t?… just look at him! 

We’ve learned a lot from him in the last 2 years… 

Sleep is important… any way, shape, or form. 
Love is the best thing EVER!!!! Being excited about seeing the people you love is ALWAYS fun!!! So excited, in fact, that you may pee all over yourself EvErYdAy! 

Friendship is so good.  Wrestling and biting and playing and being together… doesn’t get better than that.

Puppy eyes still do the trick

He’s definitely our entertainment. He makes you smile even when you don’t want to. He loves to take YOU on walks. When you see his crazy eyes… get out of the way! 

 He loves his family… I love it too! Glad Walter is a part of it! Can’t wait for Walt to meet Eric! And yes… I did devote a whole blog post to my dog… get over it! 

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