Sickness… it invaded the Morgan household! The FLU!! I think I got it from the kiddos at camp. I was nice enough to bring it home with me and infect my hubby! 🙂 

The flu is just no good… knocked me out cold for a good day and a half! I’m not good at being sick… resting, just laying around, and not doing what I ‘need’ to do.  I’m not good at being needy and just laying there. I like to be independent… busy… and getting stuff done! It drove be batty to be stuck in the bed.  I can tell you as soon I was feeling better I immediately ripped the sheets off the bed, got the blankets off the couch, took the ‘sick clothes’ off and stuck everything in the washer – I HAD TO GET RID OF THE SICK STUFF! I just can’t stand being held down! But… apparently God wanted me there and He had stuff to teach me there… He always does. 

Sometimes, it’s good to be needy. Good to rest. Good to sit and do nothing. It good sometimes. Good to have to depend on someone else. Good to not be so busy. 

While I was sick it seemed like all my Bible studies pointed to the story of Mary and Martha.  You know… Jesus goes to their house. Martha is running around like a mad woman cleaning and preparing because THE KING OF THE UNIVERSE is in her house! And Mary… just sits there to soak all of His teachings up.  Martha, like a typical woman, goes to Jesus and says something like, “Jesus, are you not gonna do anything about Mary? I’m workin’ my tail off and she’s just sitting!” Jesus just looks at her  and says “Martha, Martha, (get it Brady Bunch) you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” Oh… so many times I know Jesus is saying that to me.  Saying, “Anna, you are doing a lot of stuff… a lot of good stuff… but not the best thing! I just want you to sit with me.” Busy-ness steals my time with Jesus… the best thing. Sitting, resting, and depending on Him is always good and necessary. He cannot teach me in my busy-ness because I am so easily distracted.  But… when I am still and quiet and attentive at His feet… I am teachable. 

I want to be a Mary. I believe it’s super important to serve and love people and show hospitality every opportunity we get… but my time with Jesus has to be my priority.  I must be a Mary before I’m a Martha. 

Jacob and I are finally well! PRAISE THE LORD! We are heading to the best city of Montgomery tonight to celebrate my precious momma’s birthday! Then, tomorrow is my first ORIGAMI OWL party!!! I’m pumped! I’m praying it’s good and successful! 

If you want to book a party (if you are in the Southeast), let me know! I would love to come, share my story, fellowship with some lovely people, and sell some jewelry! 

I’ll leave you with this AMAZING video!! How my heart longs to make orphans KINGS & QUEENS!!! Eric… get home soon! 

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