We received our i800a approval back TODAY! I know… it’s adoption talk… I don’t even know what I’m talking about most of the time, but this is a HUGE deal! We couldn’t more forward until we had this… and now we have it!! Next step… the dossier (pronounced DOS – e – a… kinda fancy)! This is every paper/document we could have/will ever have about who we are… compiled… and sent to BELIZE!!!!! YAY!!!!! We are getting there!!! 

Jacob and I talk all the time about how amazed we are at the favor God has had on this entire process.  He has raised a crazy amount of money in a short period of time. He has raised up friends, family, our community, and strangers to support us… who already love Eric. He has been preparing us for parenting – whatever that means – in ways we may not even know.  We have learned more about ourselves, each other, people we love, and God in the past 4 months than we ever have! It’s been a crazy, emotional, amazing journey so far… and we aren’t even there yet! It’s just been nuts! I get overwhelmed thinking about all that’s happened since we started our pursuit of Eric on September 10… CRAZY! 

If you have forgotten how awesome Eric’s story is… GO READ IT HERE!!! 

I can’t wait to for our parents to have a picture of their grandson…
To decorate his room…
To meet him as his momma…
To hug him…
To throw a huge party for him just because he’s home…
To tell him how much he’s loved…
To tell him how much Jesus loves him…
For him to meet Walter (praying he loves dogs)…
To watch Jacob play ball with him as his son…
To cook dinner for him (gotta practice on rice and beans)…

My heart is excited…  but at peace… and that is good! 

So now… on to getting every paper notarized and certified and sent to Belize! PRAY that God would make the Belize people work extra fast to process our paper!!!!! 

Just some nuggets of wisdom for you in closing:

  • People who adopt… REALLY want to adopt… the paperwork is not as fun as it seems.
  • You should make sure you renew your car tag on time… paying the ticket when it’s not is no fun
  • People who have the privilege of speaking about Jesus as a living should not charge a lot… it’s just not cool
  • Origami Owl is the COOLEST jewelry ever – order yours today FROM ME at 
  • Pandora is the best invention 
  • Encouragement is always good…

Amen and Amen… whatever you are waiting on… TAKE HEART… the Lord is working on your behalf!! 

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