Get ready for PICTURE OVERLOAD! 
(I got to be the photographer for the weekend with our new camera! I was like the paparazzi on a mission!)

Merge weekend = 7 churches, 3 denominations, 1 God
People coming together for the glory of God and the discipleship of youth in Troy, AL! YAHOO! 

30 students rededicated their commitment to Christ
6 students SAVED FOR heaven and from hell


The youth pastors who unified to plan this event (minus one pastor). They met weekly, prayed daily, and were in constant communication so that their kiddos could come together to praise the ONE God! That is what the Church is about! They had a vision… and man, it was a good one! God is faithful and He blessed their work! 

MERGE was held in the high school cafeteria! Isn’t that awesome! The same place they worshipped all weekend… is the same place they will eat lunch with their lost friends. Hopefully it will give them confidence that Jesus is present and worship is not confined to a building with a steeple on the top of it!

We like to sing around here!! 
Casey Darnell (CHECK HIM OUT!) was the worship leader for the weekend! He did an amazing job! He brought TRUTH in His songs and in His speech each and every session! He also got it CRUNK in there Saturday night!!!! I was moshin’ with some middle school boys like a champ! haha! 

All for Jesus… 

YES! I love when students are able to let go and just enJOY worship!! This picture is PRICELESS!!!! 

Isn’t this awesome! Look at those smiles!!! LOVE IT! 

Our speaker for the weekend… Matt Piland… BROUGHT IT! 
So much TRUTH was spoken over and to the students over the weekend! 

Bible study around the campus of the high school! LOVE IT! 


On Saturday afternoon, the high school groups had the opportunity to serve some people in our community! Raking leaves, picking up sticking, bagging leaves, etc…. to show the love of Christ! This was one of my favorite parts of the weekend! Jacob, myself, and another youth pastor got to go to some of the houses our students were working at and take pictures.  It was awesome to meet the people they were serving and to see our students selflessly working! 

Senior girls! 

9th grade boys! 

Junior & Senior Boys! 

10th grade girls! 

While the high schoolers worked, the middle school played! 🙂 
They played volleyball and dodgeball! HILARIOUS! 

No Disciple Now weekend is complete without an embarrassing moment! 
Leaders, youth pastors, and students performing Gangnam Style!! Doesn’t get better than that! 

We ate a lot of food! 

We had close to 100 leaders over the weekend… pouring into our students!!! They were warriors for the hearts and lives of those youth! Blessed my heart to watch them love the kiddos! 

One of themes of the weekend was ADOPTION. The youth pastors agreed that highlighting the cause of orphans and the ministry of adoption was important… because it’s important to Jesus. Several videos were showed throughout the weekend and on Sunday morning Jacob and I were given the amazing opportunity to share God’s story of our adoption.

We were interviewed by 2 of the youth pastors. We were able to share Eric’s story, God’s faithfulness, and say thank you to people that have blessed us beyond anything we could have imagined! 
I’m just thankful… 

Jacob met a new friend… Jay. I think he almost peed in his pants laughing every time they had a conversation! 
So thankful to stand beside this man everyday. 
So thankful for the youth pastors in our community.
So thankful to be a part of what God is doing in Troy.
So humbled that God can use us Morgans…

Praying that Merge 2013 wasn’t just an event, but a catalyst for…
INTIMACY with the Lord
CRAZY followers of Jesus! 


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