cOsTa RiCa PICS!!!

So… I explained what we were doing in Costa Rica when we go March 9-16 HERE, but I wanted to share some photos our team lead sent to us from the village!!! 


Here’s part of the 2-hour hike! I think we better practice hiking as one of our team meetings! 

This is the church where the gals will be slumbering.

This is the school where the boys will be snoozing.

We have been told that each night all the villagers will get together and watch the sunset… that’s part of their daily routine. HOW AWESOME IS THAT! I think our world would be a happier and more peaceful place if we all took time to take this in!!!! 

Our possible roommates for the week…

And the best picture…
faces that we get to love! Are these not the most precious little girls you have EVER seen!!!! They have stolen my heart already! 

Please be in pray for our team and this tribe will be ministering to!!! I am so excited! 

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  1. Really amazing pictures, I definitely admire you going there to help the local communities. My wife and I are looking to head to Costa Rica next fall and have been looking at Costa Rica vacation rentals. While we are there, we are definitely hoping to get involved with the local culture and customs. Your pictures definitely provide some insight to what the area is like- and it looks beautiful.

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