N.E.W.S. – Eric & ‘Ziggy’

Fun things have been happening lately! 
So much fun things I’m having a difficult time keeping my eyes open… I’m pooped.  No rest for the weary.  As I always say… I’ll sleep when I’m dead! YOLO! haha! 

First… my momma’s birthday was this week!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s 29… again.  I’m catching up to her… but it’s all good! She’s wonderful! Anyone who knows her… knows that. She loves the Lord and everyone she meets… especially children.  She makes friends in every restaurant we eat at! 
Thankful for my momma.

This is my Valentine! ๐Ÿ™‚ Surprise surprise.
But… WE ARE GOING ON A DATE!!!! Isn’t that so dandy! 
To japanese food and the movies tonight! 
I am one excited girl! 
I do have to admit I am NOT a good Valentine this year. I didn’t get a single thing for him… and he knows it! How awful. These past 2 weeks have been so crazy busy… I haven’t had time to even go to Walmart! I don’t even have milk and cereal… and I LIVE on milk and cereal! So… he’ll just have to accept my love as his gift! Lucky guy, huh? 
I did get him Chick-fil-a this morning though. That counts for something, right?

NEXT HEADLINE… drum roll please….


AHHH!!! I know… more craziness! I am so excited! But think about it… why would you go through ALL this paperwork, raise ALL this money, know you will adopt more in the future… and just get one child when you can bring TWO into the Morgan fam!!!!! Well, after praying and just living on faith… we filled out paperwork to get 2 and… that’s what is gonna happen! We received official approval just recently! Eric Forever, our heart and reason for adopting from Belize, will be a big brother. 
Funny – So, I was tired of talking with our friends/fam about the potential 2 boys (yes, we want another boy… we think) and calling them “Eric and… the other…” So, I told Jacob we needed to come up with a nickname/love name for the 2nd one.  He had just got done watching the Grammy’s and some guy named Ziggy Marley had performed.  So, in true Jacob fashion and in his love for music… he came up with a name… and we will be adopting Eric and ‘Ziggy.’  HAHA!! Poor kid… he will be so confused when everyone he meets around here calls him Ziggy! But… at least it’s a cool name. 

So… PLEASE be praying for us as God prepares us to parent, not only ONE… but TWO! 

I think not.  This is not a funny cartoon to me… it hit me right between the eyes! Ready?

I think this is so true. Jesus does not care about big names or how many follows people have on Twitter… He looks at the heart.  I’m sure his favorite singer is a lady in a little village…. a lady who understands trusting in Him and falling in love with Him and clinging to Him like I can’t even imagine. 
So many times I get caught up with ‘being someone.’ For someone to like my teaching, my writing, my thoughts, my ideas. I want to be noticed… and perhaps asked to speak or teach somewhere. THAT IS NOT THE POINT. The point is to LOVE Him. To do it all for His glory. With a right heart. To love and teach and invest in and laugh with and cherish whoever is in front of us.  To sing and worship and study and dive in and learn and share and BE… FOR Him… not us. 

Just thought it might strike a cord with someone else out there. It wasn’t funny to me. Not funny…

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  1. Hot dog!!! 2 babies….2 beautiful strangers who will get to be "full blooded brothers with the same mommy and daddy and all the rights thereof". Let me just tell you that you can't add chaos to chaos…and with kids comes chaos so go for as many as you can :)…we are :). Also, when people look at you like you are crazy for adopting two just think of this "you are giving them a family, a sibling that can love and support them long after you are gone"…that thought always helped me when others were negative and brought up their "negative opinions" of having lots of children. Love and prayers to both of you and Eric and the Zig-man!

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