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Oh life… it’s so crazy and fun. I like it a lot. Sometime I get a little overwhelmed because I seemed to have lost the pause button on my life remote… but it’s just a good life.

Before I start with the explosion of pictures… THE DOSSIER (last set of paperwork for adoption) IS ON ITS WAY TO BELIZE!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!! Now we get to wait on that to be process and for the profiles for our boys to be sent to us!! THAT MEANS PICTURES!! HALLELUJAH!!! 

We just got back from a ski retreat with our youth! We went to Banner Elk, NC and skied at Ski Beech! It was amazing… and SO SO SO COLD! We were in the Presidents’ Day Winter Storm. Fun, huh? Yea… I don’t drive in that… freaked me out for sure! haha! Anywho… I know you want to see pics… so here you are:

It was super cold… I mean I have never been outside for an extended period of time in that coldness before. My face panicked at the frozen wind… and I had to buy this legit ski face mask so I wouldn’t die! I look cool, don’t I?
Here’s our group. I know… no one has faces… it was cold I tell ya! 
But we are cute and we had a blast! On Sunday… it was seriously 2 (TWO) DEGREES at the bottom of the mountain… that’s cold right there! 
Here’s the view from the top of the mountain. BEAUTIFUL! 
All the slopes were open. There was real snow (because we were in a winter storm). It was fabulous.
Me and the hubs. Aren’t we cute? haha! I love ski/snow pictures! 
The kiddos… pumped for skiing! Aren’t that adorable? I love them! 
Stephanie, Hunter, me, and Jacob 
SO SO THANKFUL for these 2 people! I love them dearly. I get teary-eyed thinking about how awesome they are… so I’m gonna stop. We love y’all! 
Me and Steph hitting the slopes. This picture is so funny! 

LOVE LOVE LOVE these girls!  

My poor car was NOT used to this. Thankful Hunter wanted to/could drive in that icy-ness while we were there!  


Please give a warm welcome to JUBILEE MORGAN!!! The newest member of the Morgan family! You can call her Jubi if you want!  
Ya know… we thought since we were getting two kiddos.. we needed to train with 2 doggies!!! 
She’s precious!!! Walter met her last night! He just wants her to play!!!! I think he’ll like her… but he doesn’t understand why she just lays there…  

AND Last but not least… we did a Harlem Shake video with the youth last night… HILARIOUS!!!!! 
I think it’s so good to shout to the world that Jesus is fun! He is exciting and Christians live exciting lives!!!! The youth loved it! Laughing… craziness… funny costumes… togetherness!!! Good stuff!!! CHECK IT OUT:

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