Hellur Again…

I’ve been slackin’… O well. Lots going on so blogging just hasn’t happened.

I just can’t wait until I can blog and post pictures of our kiddos… I think I’ve just been boycotting in hopes that NOW would be the time… but we shall wait some more. 

So lately…
Here’s my super cute family on Easter! 🙂 Poor dogs… you can’t even see Jubi’s face because she’s so black… and Walt obviously did not want a picture… but life’s hard! We had a good Easter- church, lunch with the Knick’s, and time at home. Thankful for Jesus. 

Check out how awesome my hunny is!!! 
He made us an end table (we are selling them for adoption money too if you are interested – $75)! It looks great in the house! And he framed my Africa poster that I got at a market in Kenya!! It’s been rolled up and in a secure location for 3.5 years… it was time to give the thing it’s rightful place! I LOVE IT!!!! I… well Jacob… hung up the other pictures with it too – it’s now the mission trip wall/room. I FINALLY feel like it’s okay to start thinking about decorating the kiddos rooms. THAT’S A BIG DEAL!! I have prayed that God would not let me start thinking about that stuff until it was the right time. I’m thinking about it… and we are having to move around lots of stuff to get ready for their arrival!  The Africa pictures and college collages are having to find new homes… but that’s COMPLETELY fine because we’ll have our kiddos and all will be right with the world! 
**On that note… we are now just waiting for Belize to send us PICTURES and medical information and… TRAVEL DATES!!!**
That could be this week, this month…. or way later.

I’ve had more Origami Owl jewelry parties! I love that job – it’s super fun! You meet new people, learn their stories, and sell really awesome and unique jewelry! 
Look how cute and presh this necklace is???!!!! 

O… the pups. Ya know… since my human kiddos aren’t here yet, I’ll just show you the furry kiddos. They are nuts! Seriously… NuTz! They are fun though. 
Jubi sheds like a man woman, likes to bark at Walter, hides under the couch and gets stuck in the couch cover and yelps until someone rescues her, and SHE POOPED IN THE FLOOR THIS MORNING… almost killed her. Good thing she’s cute.

This weekend we went up to Birmingham… it was a whirlwind of a weekend! I got to do everything I set out to do… but it was crazy busy! I had breakfast with my Nanny and Pawpaw, had an Origami Owl party, went to see my cloggers at their competition, went to an adoption fundraiser my awesome youth pastor’s wife held for us, dinner for the birthday week boy, and then back to the competition for awards!!!!! I got to do it all with my mom so that made it even better! It was wonderful. And my girls are so stinkin’ cute! They did awesome! 

Sunday morning I got to eat with my dad, brother, sister-in-law, niece – Ava, and nephew – Barrett! It was so good to spend time with them… it doesn’t get to happen very often! 
It’s also my Ava, Barrett, and my brother’s b-day! So… naturally… Cracker Barrel brought out birthday cake for her breakfast treat! 🙂 
This 4 year old is just adorable!  
Wait for the Lord,
Be strong and take heart
and WAIT for the Lord.
Psalm 27:14

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