Learning and Living…

Hi there! 

Happy Wednesday!  So… I’ve been learning a LOT lately! I haven’t been able to figure out how to say it all yet… but I am surely learning.  I guess when you stop throwing pity parties for yourself and start asking God to make your teachable… He does it. Not to say that I don’t get sad or just miss my kiddos that live miles away… I’m just trying to learn through the tears and the thrills instead of dwelling in discouragement. 

Anywho… check out what we’ve been doing…

I love taking pictures that the Bible study girls can look back on and see where God has brought them. So… for the last Bible study of the year… I took pictures of the girls with a verse that they could cling to no matter what the future, or the past, held! Aren’t they cool? 

Then… we graduated off some really great people…

And had a really great service to celebrate them…

I’m excited about our next group of seniors movin’ on up! They are awesome too! Can’t wait to eat lunch with EACH one of the girls this summer… that’s my goal! 

Just a reminder… our dogs are ridiculous… Jubi is lounging… on a table… she’s weird. She’s gotten on the patio table and just laid there everyday this week… strange! 

This is how they greet us.  Yes… the black blob at the bottom is Jubi.

For Memorial Day weekend we got to spend time at the beach with Ashley and Jared…. it was fabulous!!! Love spending time with them… and JOHANNA!!!! 

Life is good. It’s good to be taught. It’s good to live and learn… to enjoy the moments in the waiting.  To be thankful for the here and now and excited about the future.  

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