WoRtHy Of ThE gOsPeL…

It has been a super rainy week… super rainy.
But that meant lots of resting, board games, and food! 🙂 

For the 4th, we heading to Lake Martin with the in-laws for the day. We had lots of fun… good conversation, yummy food, lots of rain, and games in the camper.  Jacob and I rode bikes for a little while – we now understand how we were so fit as kids. Riding bikes is a killer! Thighs were throbbing after scooting around the whole campsite…

Friday we headed down to Fort Walton Beach to hang out with Patrick and Amber. It was super fun and relaxing.  And again… lots of rain. We knew it was going to rain and we probably weren’t going to get a tan but we decided that a rainy weekend with a pretty view was better than a rainy weekend cooped up in Troy. 

Friday night we ate at Floyd’s in Fort Walton. It was scrumptious! They had all you can eat shrimp for $14.99! can’t beat that! We got to sit, chat, and watch surfers bust = entertainment! 

Patrick’s family lives on the bay so the view was spectacular! And… Friday night when we got back, we hung out on the pier and then sat in swing on the porch and listened to live music!! Their house is close enough to a bar that you can hear the live music!! FREE ENTERTAINMENT!! It was great! We did get to kayak in the bay for a little while on Saturday before another monsoon came… I definitely thought I was going to get flooded and sink in the middle of the bay… and then get eaten by a shark. But… we survived. 

Isn’t that view great!?!?! How do people just live here??? So great! 

Last night, we had our first July Family night for the church. We ate, played games, and… JACOB WON A PIE EATING CONTEST!!! I’m definitely a proud wife! 
He was miserable after… and all night. BUT… there’s no glory without pain! Haha! 

So… this next thing I haven’t really told anyone because it’s kinda odd to bring up. And… it’s just kind of a strange concept for me right now. I don’t really know how to talk about it yet because I don’t have the answers, but I have to tell it because it’s part of HIS story. So… what better way to tell it than on this here blog… 

Last weekend at camp –
The last night of camp wasn’t your typically mushy, let’s all cry and sing “Kumbaya”… it was a call to ACTION… a call to full-time ministry. Ergun Caner delivered a message on our callings and purpose in life. It was one of those messages for me that made me just squirm in my chair and want to hide in the bathroom the whole time.  It was a call from the mediocre to ministry. A call from settling to soaring. I knew it was for me. At the end of his message, he challenged those who believed they were called to full-time ministry to stand up.  He gave a list of requirements including: if you stand up, you MUST go before your church and do the same the next sunday. if you stand up, you are committing to go anywhere, do anything, at anytime for the spread of the Gospel. if you stand up, you are promising to not listen to idiots who will want to speak logic and opposition to you.  
So… what did God make me do? STAND UP. Ugh… I was terrified. I told Him I just wanted to sit down. This was a youth camp and I didn’t need to be standing. I knew that He was going to use me and I was fine with just knowing that, and not making a scene about it.  Nope… He kept me standing. I HATE those awkward moments with God when He forces me to just obey and shut up. I was standing and Jacob was sitting beside me. He just smiled at me. I was thinking, “What in the world does this mean, God? I have no idea what I’m doing standing up? I’M FREAKIN’ OUT!”…
Then, Ergun made all of us standing – there was about 15 of us (AMAZING!) – go outside to meet with him. I frantically grabbed Jacob’s hand and headed outside. Also heading outside was one of our youth, Caleb, and Barrett from our church. God is crazy and beautiful. 
We met with Ergun and talked with each other. We were all terrified and excited. We were deemed ministers of the Gospel, prayed for, and then celebrated with. Ergun was PUMPED when Jacob told him that me, his wife, just stood up to respond to the call.  Ergun said his wife did the same… and it changed everything! He even texted his wife to tell her! 🙂 God is good at confirming decisions… 

So… what does this mean? 
I HAVE NO CLUE! God knows because He is the one who made me stand up! All I know, like I told Jacob, is that I am tired of living a mediocre life. Some may say I’m not, but I know I am NOT made to sit in an office and just answer emails and interpret at times.  I am not made to settle.  I am made to speak truth to women, to invest, to equip others for mission, and to go on mission myself- local and international.  I feel most alive with I am free to minister and serve… so why not live like that all the time? I believe standing up was about SURRENDER… SURRENDER to the call that God has placed on the Morgans’ lives. To SURRENDER to fully supporting my hubby’s dreams and his vision for our future… to SURRENDER to WHATEVER God has dreamed for us… to SURRENDER to feeling totally freaked out standing in a room full of youth and adults committing my life to full-time ministry… yea… surrender. 
He’ll show us the way… He is faithful. We know that PEACE comes from full obedience. We know that Joy is found in His presence and in His path. We know His path takes PATIENCE and WISDOM and PRAYING and WAITING. So… here we are… two people surrendered the call of full-time ministry… waiting for God to move so we can follow. 

So… because we stood up… we had to go to the front of the church yesterday… like we promised… (Not pictured: Barrett… he had to leave early)

Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ… without being frightened in any way by those who oppose you.
Philippians 1:27-28

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