One big pile of GLITTER…

I have NEVER been more excited for a Friday in my life.  This week has been… a really crazy, awful, emotional week. There have been some really great moments sprinkled in… but I am drained and ready for a break. This week has felt like someone playing a really cruel joke… and I just didn’t like it.  Thankful for a GREAT… THE BEST… husband in the world and people that I can confide in when things get a little… a lot… hairy.  People say that their brains feel like mush sometimes… my brain felt like that all week… but I preferred to think if you cracked my head open and looked inside, you would be a huge pile of glitter (not mush)… because that is way more fun and feminine. So… that’s that.  

BUT… no matter how crazy our weeks/days may get… no matter what happens… no matter the evil in the world that we must stand against… no matter the many things that can go wrong at work… no matter the amount of stress or “what if’s” that we can think of… we must KNOW that GOD IS IN CONTROL. He is Sovereign over all.  He is good. He is the Judge. He is our Hope. He NEVER fails us. He is our Healer. He is our SANITY. 

Anywho… on to more pleasant things. 

FIRST, PLEASE READ THIS… you will understand me/us so much more (if you dare to care) as we have been in this journey of adoption!  LOVE the part where she talks about VAGINAL kids!! bahaha!! I have been using it… just to freak people out.  

The first weekend of August we got to celebrate the sweetest little girl’s 2nd birthday! Is she not the cutest thing EVER?!?!! Look at those blue eyes.  Definitely hooking this one up with IH, Lindsey Jo! 

We are best friends… 🙂 

And she finally loves her “Uncle Jake.” She was pretty terrified of him for a while… but now she can’t get enough of him.  I understand… 🙂 

Her party was owl themed. Check out this cute fruit owl my mom-in-law made for her partay!! Presh, right? 

Here we are with Jojo.  ðŸ™‚ 

Last weekend we headed down to Ocala, FL to see some of our good friends. Every year, these fellas meet up in Ocala for a golf tourney called the “Nuts & Bones Invitational.”  WHY? Well… Andy, one of Jacob’s besties is a peaNUT farmer and his father-in-law is a Orthopedic (BONE) surgeon!!! Clever… and funny… huh? So they get a new piece of swag each year… this year they got golf shirts with “TEAM NUTS” on it! BAHAHA! 

Also, we went to our first Catholic Mass on Saturday evening for Welles’ (Andy’s son) baptism.  It was super sweet and educational.  
**If you want to cry and learn where they got the name Welles from, watch this: The Man with the Red Bandana

Here’s cutie Welles.

 This weekend…. like TODAY… I get to go see these gems. YAHOOO!!!! They are the best friends a girl could ever ask for. Becky, on the left, is leaving next weekend to serve as a nurse on the Mercy Ships, stationed in the Congo, Africa for the next ten months.  I am so thankful to call her my friend.   She follows the Lord… determined, passionately, knowing she has purpose in Him. I’m proud of her and so excited to see what all God does out there while she’s serving on a continent very close to my heart… oh, Africa.  You can read all about her journey (and her yummy cooking) HERE. We are throwing her a partay tonight… Christmas themed because it’s her FAV… and sending her off with lots of cuddles and jump hugs! 

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