My heart is FULL

Don’t worry… I didn’t die after last week.  I thought about hiding in a closet for a while… but I decided that visiting the BESTIES would make my heart all better! AND IT DID! We were ALL reunited… WE EVEN FACETIMED WITH AMI!!! 🙂 It was fabulous. 

I made it to Nashville just in time for the end Beck’s Christmas party (the one I blogged about that was suppose to be a surprise that I almost ruined… man… I’m good at that!).  So… I didn’t get any pics of it. It was festive – Christmas music, Christmas trees, cookies, and friends.  She loved it. She loves Christmas more than life… and she won’t be in America for it this year. She’ll be IN AFRICA!!!! She leaves on Friday… so pray for her, her shipmates, her patients, her energy!  

I don’t really have a lot to say except I’m beyond thankful for these ladies. If you don’t have BEST friends… find them.  I love them.  Jacob accidentally overheard me tell my Bible study girls last night that if I was a boy I would have already married Emily because she’s just that great.  He was offended… but o well.  I just love my besties so much! Don’t know what I’d do without them.  
Here’s our weekend: 

“Normal” picture… this doesn’t happen often

Ah yes… there we are in our natural state! 
Beck and Em on our Farewell Beck (for a while) photo shoot

This describes there relationship perfectly… Em smothering Beck with love and Beck terrified but willing to accept it.
Beck and Clarissa! She lived with us in our college house… The Schlappi. 🙂 She is fantastic! 


This describes me and Beck. I’m trying to convince her to get on my back. She claims I’m to weak and she’s to big… WHATEVER.  She forces me to to a normal pose… and I am not satisfied. 
When Beck and I lived together, we woke up at the same time every morning. Beck = NOT a morning person. ME = If I’m awake… I’m pumped! So, we would meet in the kitchen.  EVERY MORNING… it never failed this very conversation took place:
“Mornin’ Beck!” (super chipper voice)
“hey ann…” (super annoyed voice)
“How’s your morning, Beck?”
“fine ann, I just woke up…”
“Well great! What are you doing today?”
“I don’t know ann… I just woke up. I’m going to school.”
“Okay, Beck… (insert all that I am doing today and when I want to see her again that day)… I hope you have a great day!!!” 
She finishes fixing her cereal and coffee and slowly walks back to her room.

She claimed she hated it, but I knew she secretly loved it. So, when I moved out to get married and stuff, I made her a recording of my routine convo with her so she could play it each morning… AND SHE DID! 🙂 She loves me… I know she does.

This is PERFECT. I want to blow this up into a poster and hang it in my living room! YES! 

And this too… 
So… we prayed for Beck and sent her off with more cuddles and jump hugs! I’m praying God ROCKS HER WORLD and LOVES HER TO PIECES and lives are SAVED because of her obedience!!! 

We then traveled to see Lindsey Jo and her precious family!! Have you EVER in your life seen a cuter stud than this guy???? Oh my goodness… I’m in love! Doesn’t your heart just melt??? 
AND Lindsey Jo is expecting ANOTHER boy!!! How much cuteness can one family handle??? I just don’t know! 
So thankful I get to share life with these ladies!!!!! 

Sunday, I got to meet my Katy for brunch!!! I have missed her SO much!!! She is wonderful and I just loved spending this little bit of time with her!!! We ate at Noshville… and if you ever go… you should know that a NOSH is a side…. nothing more fancy than that. 
So thankful that I got to go see them all.  My heart is full and I’m ready to face the world again!!! 🙂 

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