Happy weekend! 

So… we got word this week that we are JUST waiting on our referral… THAT’S ALL!! The referral is our pictures of our Eric (and maybe Ziggy), the medical records, education level, and TRAVEL DATES!!!!! Woo hoo!!! We are expecting this ANY day… please note that “any day” could mean tomorrow… or in two months… we are at the mercy of the Belizean government. 

Either way… we want to be prepared.  Thanks to our AWESOME God and you amazing people, we have the funds for the last payment for the actual adoption.  We are still raising money for the travel fees.  

Travel fees include:
2 round trip flights to Belize = around $1,700
1 ONE-WAY flight from Belize (for Eric… oh happy day) = around $500
Hotel cost
Transportation in country
and everything else that goes into traveling… 

We want to include you on this last piece… leaving a personal touch on bringing our boy(s) home! We started this fundraiser last year, but I have not done a good job of following through with it, so NOW’S THE TIME! 

It’s the PUZZLE FUNDRAISER!!! Our LAST push for our adoption funding!!! HALLELUJAH!!! Here’s the deal:

We probably have about 400 puzzle pieces left

Once you ‘purchase’ a puzzle piece (see directions below), we will write your name, friend/family member’s name, or family name on the back of the puzzle piece. Once it is completed we will hang it in one of the clear picture frames so you can see the front and back. It will hang in our Eric’s room as a reminder of all the people that helped to bring him home. Plus it will give us a lasting record of who helped make this possible.

 Step 1: buy a piece of the puzzle for $10 (or more whatever you like!) just click on the donate button above to purchase or contact us for other methods of payment, then we’ll write your name on the back of the piece. 
When you pay through PayPal, you can enter the name you want on the piece in the comment box! 
Our goal is NOW 400 pieces which would be a HUGE step in raising our travel fees – $4,000!

Step 2: once it is completed we will hang it in our Eric’s room in a double sided frame so you can see the back with all the names of the people that helped to bring him home! How awesome will it be for Eric to see all of the people who have loved him before they even knew him! 

Step 3: spread the word! I’m having a hard time thinking of 400 people I know!

Here’s what the completed puzzle will look like: 

So… would you help us get Eric home? 
I can’t wait to show you all the pictures of our beautiful boy when we get them!!!!! Be on the look out!!! 🙂 Let’s keep praying him home! Our God is faithful and He hears our prayers! 

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