On the HULK roller coaster!

Yep… my head and heart have DEFINITELY been on the HULK roller coaster this week. I became an emotional wreck for a while. With work, new God things, a son on the way, and just life craziness… I’m feeling a little something like this:

First… what’s next with the adoption – 
PRAISE GOD for getting THE EMAIL on Tuesday! Wow! He is awesome!!! Can you believe it?? It’s finally official! He is OURS and we are HIS!! We are just waiting to get him!!! 
Now, our acceptance letter for the referral has been sent to Belize along with a letter requesting for communication to start between us and Eric!! YES YES YES!!! When approved, we can email with him, SKYPE him, and send him letters!! OH HAPPY DAY!! Can’t wait to see his precious face on that screen!!! 
Next, we will send a form called the i-800 that specifically requests ERIC to be granted a visa for the US! Hip Hip hooray.  This typically takes about 4-5 weeks to process. 
Then, we will receive an oracle (or something like that… I was too excited to pay attention) from Belize requesting us to come get our boy! 🙂 I’m not sure how long this takes… because… Belize is on it’s own timeline ya know.  
While that is going down, for Alabama requirements, we have to do our annual homestudy update – new medicals, new home tour, etc. And pay the money to update it… woo hoo. 
So… as of right now, we are still fundraising for the homestudy update fee and the travel fees! I am so thankful for so many who have been apart of our “puzzle” of fundraising by purchasing puzzle pieces. Seriously… every dollar makes a difference!!! Look at these awesome names of love and sacrifice for the sake of our son!! SO blessed! They are $10 a piece if you want one for you and/or your family! 
What has already been purchased vs. what’s remaining 
 I know some people read this on their phones, so if you don’t see the DONATE button in the top right, CLICK HERE! 

Now… to other news.

Please be praying for my sweet PawPaw. He has been in the hospital since last week… for open heart/bypass surgery. He’s having a hard time getting back to 100%. The doctors believe he may have had a small stroke last night as well.  Just ask the Lord to love on him and my family. I know those caretaking are EXHAUSTED. They all just need some Holy Spirit BOOST!  
But… look how amazingly precious my grandparents are!!! I love them. 
Also… it’s football season if you didn’t know.  Me and the hubs went to the home opener here at Troy… vs. UAB. I was a bit conflicted… Troy pays the bills… but I LOVE MY UAB! But… UAB lost… in overtime. It was heartbreaking. Whatev… life goes on. 
 Have a great weekend y’all! 

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