Hi there! Hope your weekend was as festive as ours.

This was last weekend at the Troy vs. Savannah State game, but I thought it was cute. πŸ™‚ We have fun together and that’s good.

LOOK AT ALL THESE AWESOME PEOPLE WHO ALREADY LOVE ERIC!! We have been overwhelmed by the amazing gifts people are sending to us and Eric. It’s amazing. We don’t know how to so thank you, but we KNOW God will bless. 

We got to see these awesome people this weekend. The Morgans love the Dobsons! πŸ™‚ 

My sweet Nanny and Pawpaw have continued their crazy journey to health. Pawpaw contracted aspiration pneumonia and had to go back to the hospital after a few days in rehab.  He got a new fire in him, started walking around on his command, and will hopefully be heading BACK to a rehab facility today! YAY! Want that man to get better… he’s the BEST I know. 

Parker’s birthday party was this weekend… since we have basically to be part of the Knick family, we got to go! πŸ™‚ and BATMAN showed up!! BATMAN, aka one of our youth who is obsessed with dressing up like Batman, made this 4-year-old’s dream come true!! πŸ™‚ 


Saturday night was Andrew’s party with his family! He is an old man… the big 3-0! 
Happy birthday Knick boys! 

Now… onto something that blew my mind and spoke to my heart –
Jacob and I are filling out our VERY LAST PAPERWORK set for adoption!!! O thank the good Lord! One of these forms, the i864, is for the sponsorship of Eric into the USA. We are filling in the blanks that Jacob is the initial sponsor for Eric to come home. We have to fill out ALL our financial information, every penny and asset, DEBT, etc. accounted for on this form. 
So… SO much during this adoption process has reminded me of Christ’s amazing love and adoption of us.  This form hit me… to the point of near tears – 
Jesus Christ is our sponsor, like Jacob is Eric’s sponsor. Jesus signed His name saying that He was taking responsibility of our entrance and right into His kingdom… just like Jacob is taking full responsibility for all that Eric is and his citizenship here.  Jesus looked at our SIN, our debt, our assets, our NOTHING… and decided that He would pay our debt, He would take all of our past, our future, our family lineage, our orphan-state, and bring us into a forever home… accounted for in His family.  This form shows that we are taking ALL of Eric – his past, his orphan-state, his life – and claims that WE WANT HIM as ours!! Jesus did this for us in a much larger way.  He sponsors us to enter heaven. He stands in our place and says… “I take responsibility for this man/woman’s wrongdoings… he/she is mine. I know them well.” YES! We are sponsored! We are adopted! We are forever a part of His family. We get a NEW life. A NEW balance… FORGIVEN! He looks at us, with even more love in His eyes than an adoptive family could imagine and says “I WANT YOU! YOU ARE MINE!” 

Oh… what a Savior we a have! 

Also… a lyric in an old song spoke to my heart yesterday morning: 

Mold me and make me
After THY will
While I am WAITING

Yes… this is my prayer. While we are waiting. Completely still. Completely yielded to His moving us… I am begging that He refine us into His image. For us to learn what He is teaching us. For us to be the parents, son/daughter, friends, ministers, employees, prayer warriors that we have been made to be. 

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