yard sale time

We are so blessed. I am reminded – even if I have to remind myself – how amazing the people around us are and how faithful our God is. And… even when we can’t see the actual movement of His hand… He is always working on our behalf.

So, this weekend we went to the B’ham to have a yard sale. We had a LOT of stuff!!! It was awesome. We did it Friday & Saturday. Friday’s weather was PERFECT!!! I mean… PERFECT! We started early… unloaded my mom’s whole house basically and started with customers about 6:45 AM! We went strong all day. 

*The black blob in the picture above is Jubi πŸ™‚

We got to meet lots of people, tell our/Eric’s story to many new faces, and we got to be with our family… which blessed my little heart! 

Saturday… we knew it was a very big chance for rain. I was trying to “pray it away”… do an “anti-rain dance”… or something… but the rain came. We turned the YARD sale into a GARAGE sale. 

Although we didn’t have as many customers, it was AMAZING and so good for our hearts to see the people who came out in the pouring rain to hug our necks/hand us a check. It was amazing. People from our church growing up, others who have experienced the LABOR (in the best way) of adoption, and just people who knew our story.  They stood in a garage, filled with stuff, just talking about life and encouraging us on our journey. It was good…  

Over the entire weekend – with people buying stuff at the yard sale, people giving us checks even though they couldn’t make it to the sale, and from a cake auction my mom-in-law helped with – WE RAISED OVER $2,000 TO HELP US BRING ERIC HOME!!! AMAZING!!! Doesn’t that make you just wanna jump and sing? ME TOO! 

So… thank you.  Jacob and I have had such a hard time of how to say thanks… a “Thank You” is so not enough. I can’t wait for us all to meet Eric. To hug him. And for you to love on him too. His smiling face will be the best Thank You we could offer.  So… keep praying.

Specific prayers we are praying right now:
– We need Eric’s birth certificate and the waiver of rights from his parents (from 11 years ago)! Once we have those, we can submit our LAST papers for his visa… and then we can go get him! 
– Pray for Eric’s heart. Pray that he knows that he is loved beyond measure by the King of the universe… and his new parents waiting for him in Troy, AL. 
– Pray for the people working with our case. Pray blessing over their lives and that they would hurry it up. πŸ™‚ 
– Pray that Eric would be home by Christmas.  That is my heart’s goal!!! What a fantastic Christmas that will be here if he’s here! 

I know prayer is powerful.  God is longing to be gracious to us… to unite this family together.  And He answers and responds to His people praying… so please join with us in praying our Eric home! 

How abundant are the good things
    that you have stored up for those who fear you,

that you bestow in the sight of all,

    on those who take refuge in you.

Psalm 31:19

And… I made my first meatloaf. I used my Aunt Sue’s recipe… I’ve never eaten anything bad my aunt made so I thought it was a good choice. And… drum roll please…. Jacob ate 2 servings! πŸ™‚ YAY! I am not a meatloaf fan… I would prefer some yummy salad than a loaf of meat… but it’s Jacob’s favorite. So, after 3 1/2 years of marriage… I gave in and made it.  success. 

Have a great week. 

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