So… I have to give an update ALREADY for my yesterday’s post. 

Recap – we received our referral (THE EMAIL) on September 3rd. We were told then that we were still waiting on the birthday certificate and the waiver of the mom’s rights (given several years ago). 

Jacob and I have been praying for this since then.  Well… this weekend I started to get anxious and fearful about it because it wasn’t here STILL. So, I started praying specifically about it… then I asked others to pray specifically with us. 

Yesterday, not an everyday thing, Jacob and I spent some time in the morning in prayer together, asking God specifically for those forms and for Eric to be here by Christmas. 

All day… we got nothing from the social worker. 

Last night at the college service (Please note – our college service isn’t your typical group – it’s a close knit group that prays for each others “stuff”), I issued an invitation to anyone in the group who felt the strong need for prayer. Some of the students requested we stop and pray for them… so we did. Then, Jacob spoke up. He’s not one to out right ask for prayer in a group, so I was excited. He just told the group that we were frustrated. We want our Eric here by Christmas (OR BEFORE) and were really just needing these 2 forms. It’s frustrating when, in our mind, it’s a simple task to send a form they should have readily on file. So, one of our students (who has been with us since 7th grade) prayed for us – sweet moment in itself. 

After college was over and after chatting a while us some of the students, I decided (for some reason) to check my email.  And there… in the inbox, sent at 6:13pm (before church services started) was an email from our social worker indicating that she had received the form and we could send our LAST paperwork for our Eric!!!! WOOHOO!! 

AWESOME.  So, like Daniel (that I’m studying)… I felt like the Lord was saying:
As soon as you began to pray, a word went out…
Daniel 9:23

For some reason yesterday, I just knew that God was working on our behalf.  In my journal, I wrote down some words from the Daniel Bible study I’m working on – thanks Beth:
As many times as you’ve prayed before, TODAY may be the day when God sends the answer so swiftly- so divinely – that you are windburned.”


There is no reason to doubt our Lord. He is so good. He is so faithful. Pray. Prayer is a powerful tool. Thank you so much is joining us to pray for these forms. Intervening for Eric!!!! 

So what’s next:
We will send our LAST paperwork off TODAY! 
Those forms could take up to 5 weeks to be approved. 
Once approved, we will (I am almost positive) get our court dates (aka TRAVEL DATES) at that time! 
Then… we will go get our boy! 

Praying him home… 

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