Can I call you Mom & Dad?

After 2 days of not being able to talk to Eric Friday and Saturday, we were finally able to chat with him this afternoon. 🙂 YAY! 

We talked about normal stuff… our conversations get more natural and better each time. Talked about video games, church, his tests at school, his dance practice, his friends, and he asked for a cross to be hung in his room (done.). I absolutely love talking to that boy… I look forward to it each day. 

When we were getting off the phone today… as usual we asked him when he wanted us to call again and he answered tomorrow.  Then he said “I have one more thing…” Of course we encouraged him to tell us.  And out of his mouth came the most amazing words EVER… he asked, “Ummm… Is it okay if I call you Mom and Dad?” Oh.My.Goodness.  I lost it. I couldn’t keep it together… not even to answer even though my heart was screaming “YES!!!”. Jacob had to say, “Yes, of course, you can call us Mom and Dad.” I was a mess…

It breaks my heart to know that he has not grown up without someone to call “Mom” and “Dad.” It absolutely thrills my heart to know that he wants to call us Mom and Dad just as much as we want to call him “our son.”  He wants to talk about his new parents and the plans he has with his new family… just like we do. He now has a place where he will forever belong. Forever be accepted. Forever be loved.  Forever have a Mom and Dad.  

I have wondered what he would call us… or how that conversation would come about, but this… this was such a treasure to me. He asked. I wonder how long he has been wanting to call someone his Mom… to have someone to take care of him when he’s sick, someone who will always be there to make him laugh, someone to cheer him on every day, someone to get on his nerves with all the love. I wonder how many nights he has longed for a Dad… someone to practice ball with, someone to play video games with, someone who truly cares about the man he is becoming. A family.

I hate not being able to help him study for his Math tests, watch his soccer games, or read stories with him. I cannot wait for him to be a Morgan. For him to be HOME. For him to scream down the hall, “MOM!!!!” That will be a good day my friends! I am a Mom. Jacob is a Dad. How crazy! How beautiful! So thankful I have a hubby who is willing to be crazy with me… willing to follow the Lord with me… and just as anxious to get our 13-year-old son home from Belize! 

On another note – 
I also got to talk to Becky… in AFRICA today!!! Loved hearing her voice!!! She is amazing!!! Read about her stories HERE!!! 

Also, last night I got to spend wonderful time with these stunning high school senior ladies. We went for a night out – ate ALOT, shopped some, and spent time with Jesus… away from Troy!!!! I love them more than words can say. So thankful for their hearts! Can’t wait to see what all the Lord has planned for these FEARLESS ladies!! 

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