Getting to know our teenage son…

What a joy it’s been to hear Eric’s voice on the nights we get to talk to him. I look forward to it EVERY day, try to think of more questions to ask him to know just a little more about him, and dream of the day when he is sitting across from us at the dinner table.

We are all excited about being untied as a family. We talk about Eric’s room and what it will look like, the food we will eat together, what are lives may look like, what things we will get to do together, and so much more.  It makes my heart so happy to know more about him… our son… and to learn all about his amazing personality.

I know he is excited about being adopted. I know he has ideas of what life will be like in the states. I know he is thrilled that he has a Mom and Dad, but he also has fear. He has worries. He has felt alone for more than 10 years now… waiting for someone to adopt him.  He has experienced an adoption that’s fallen through and hasn’t worked out. He has heard people say they wish they could help… and then didn’t. He’s been let down.  I also know he is worried that this may not work out either… that he may never make it to Alabama.  I’m sure he is afraid that we may not actually come get him.  I’m sure he is hesitant about letting go and trusting us whole-heartedly.  Although we have assured him we are coming for him, I know there is worry. Although we have told him we wanted to adopt him and to have him as our son since the first day we meet him, I know he has doubts.

I CANNOT wait to get to Belize, to hug that boy, and to say to him over and over again that he is WANTED. That he is LOVED so much. That he belongs in our FAMILY. I cannot wait to be with him and help him remove all doubts and worries and fears. He IS ours. He is a forever crucial part of our family.  I cannot wait to explain the things that have happened, the people that have helped, the crazy adventures we’ve been on, and the hard work it took to get him home… and he was worth EVERY SINGLE SECOND!!!! 

Please be praying for his heart… that he would be assured that he is wanted and he will be adopted. That he would have a peace about becoming a Morgan. That he would know that we love him and will come for him. Pray that he would know the love of God and the AMAZING plans He has for our Eric’s life! Pray that we will continue to bond as a family… that joy, laughter, and honesty will abound! 

Praying for my son…

We’ve learned more treasures about him:
He loves pizza
He likes to read – the Magic Tree House series to be exact
He still LOVES video games… and I mean LOVES!
He wants to learn how to play American football – Don’t worry his Dad is itching to teach him! 🙂 
He wants a few v-neck tees – yep… he’s gonna be stylin’! 
He wants Walter to sleep with him!!! 🙂 Our 2 boys… presh! 
He hates spiders… and zombies
His best friend’s name is Bryan 
The lady that has really impacted his life growing up with Augustine… I hope I get to meet her and squeeze her tight! 
He is super nervous about getting on a plane! – We told him we would play games so he wouldn’t be scared (Don’t worry Em… we won’t do a Crossword puzzle!)

How can we love a boy that we just met once so very much? I don’t know… but we do. Can’t wait for him to be H.O.M.E.

Thank you for praying for our Eric. 

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