A CHACO TAN LINE – what EVERY missionary needs!

My preferred missions attire!

As an up & coming/new Praying Pelican Missions lady, I’m joining in their blog series about missions fashion.  Here’s the goal: 
Tips and tricks from Praying Pelican Missions lady missionaries on how to look good, feel good and take the pressure off of packing your suitcase for a new culture, climate and lifestyle. Our heart is to remove the anxiety and focus from timeless questions like: “What do I wear?” and give you a few times that we’ve learned throughout the years.  Ultimately, we pray that these posts would be a resource for you as you prepare for your trip.  We want to provide you with a few tools that can help you remain focused on what God is teaching you and doing around you during your time abroad, instead of the length of your shorts, the style of your still-wet hair or how much makeup is appropriate.  But of course, throughout it all, we must have fun in the process!

Check out the other ladies’ blogs:
Christy, Leah, Bethany, Amanda, and Liz

Here’s thoughts from your very own missions fashionista!!! 🙂 
On this blog, I’m highlighting the 3 (THREE) critical, must haves on ANY mission trip! Here’s a nice little diddy to get us going: 

You can wear them in the water

You can use ’em in the dirt,
You can wear them when you’re hiking
even use ’em when you’re workin’… but don’t get hurt!

They look good with that one-piece suit!
They look good with those v-nect tees
They look great with that polka-dot bandana
So take lots of pics PLEASE!

So what am I talking about?
What do I love?
Well… it’s a pair of Chacos of course…
They fit ya like a glove!

Seriously, every missionary’s outfit is completed with a pair of Chacos! They have tons o’ colors and lots of styles!!! They seriously can be worn ANYwhere to do ANYthing!!! they are wonderful! They last forever. BUT… they do tend to stink after a bit! Don’t fret though – just stick them in the dish washer (not with the dishes) and put them through a cycle… they’ll be good as new! My Chacos have been with me through the Africa sun and dirt, the Costa Rican rain forest, the Belizean turf, and the Mexican terrain!! They work like champs! 

And the BEST thing about Chacos is… THE CHACO TAN LINE!!!!!

When you’ve been working all day in Costa Rica, Zimbabwe, Guatemala, or any of the other great countries Praying Pelican Missions serves… you can slip your Chacos off and have that tan line as proof of your hardcore mission work! I’m telling ya – every missionary needs a Chaco tan line! 

The other accessory you CANNOT go on the mission field without is a… drum roll please… BANDANA!!! 
Bandanas can make ANY bad hair… BEAUTIFUL! My goal for any mission trip outfit is to put together as many colors as you can… because it’s fun and no one really questions your outfit choices on mission trips! So… be daring! Add a zing, some color, a bit of a pop, or… if you like to match… a matching BANDANA!!! You can wear them in so many ways – with pig tails (my personal fav), as a wrap like a biker, with a pony tail, around your head/forehead to distract people’s eyes from the oil that comes without taking showers… and many more! Just throw up (or down) your hair however you want it, and beautify it with a bandana! You can’t go wrong! 
Check out more ways to wear them on my friend Christy’s Blog! 
In Africa working with my friend Dinah in Kenya… rockin’ my leopard bandana! 
Also… bandanas and precious children look GREAT in any pictures! 🙂 

Finally… something helpful with packing all of your fabulous mission trip outfits are simple ZIPLOCK BAGS!!! If you pack your outfits in the individual bags… it keeps your stuff smelling fresh, you have your outfits ready for each day, and keeps your suitcase organized and neat! 
BUT… WHATEVER you do and WHEREVER you go expect God to do amazing things! He is a God that uses us, despite our outfit choices, hair dos, or make up! 

20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.
Ephesians 3:20-21 

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  1. Ziplock bags are also good to have on hand when taking foreign transportation. You never know when you'll develop motion sickness and really need a bag 🙂

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