Yep, we are a CrAzY tEaM – Praying Pelican Missions!

Don’t you LOVE the new look for the blog?!?! Thanks to my bestie Lindsey Jo for redesigning it for us! Yes… I said US! Get excited about some blogs from the ol’ hubs!!! He had to have a more masculine, professional blog before he would get on board! 🙂 DONE. 

So… YES… we know we are CRAZY! We believe the purpose and reason for people to be married is they realize that they, TOGETHER, are effective as a TEAM than they are as individuals. We made that commitment almost 4 years ago (holy moly… 4 years already??) a commitment to be a team and work together. And our next adventure is a huge opportunity for us to be a team on the mission field! After reading Scripture, praying LOTS, and just walking with the Lord day by day… we know this is what He has for us.  After Eric arrives (praying/hoping/believing CHRISTMAS!), we will start working full-time with Praying Pelican Missions

We are so excited to tell you about and invite you into the next part of our crazy adventure with God. We have learned in the last year, more than ever, about the faithfulness, goodness, and providence of our great God and also the awesome power of prayer. Now that the adoption is coming to completion and our Eric will be home soon, we feel God is leading our family into full-time missions. 

This is the moment I knew we were gonna get married!
Jacob, 10th grade, serving in Mexico.

We have always had a heart for missions. As some of you know, I (Anna) realized that I was going to marry Jacob as a 10th grader on a mission trip in the dumps of Mexico! Crazy,right?! Since then, we have been on several mission trips, including the one to Belize with Praying Pelican Missions (PPM) in 2012 when we actually met our Eric. Over the past year, we have both felt a strong calling to full-time missions – to go and share the Gospel globally while being able to minister to and equip those here to do the same. We believe God is giving us the green light to join in serving with the very organization that led us to Eric, Praying Pelican Missions.

Serving in Costa Rica, March, 2013

So, what does this mean? Well once Eric is here, Jacob and I will be working as Missions Coordinators for PPM. We will mainly be working with and leading teams to Costa Rica (which is super exciting because we had the opportunity to serve there in March). Our overall mission is to aid local pastors in ministering to and loving on their own communities through short-term missions. Ultimately, we are trying to create long-term ministry partnerships between international churches and churches in the U.S. that will give encouragement and growth to both for years to come. We will be working from home, except when we are leading trips in Costa Rica.

Our plan is to work for PPM, make arrangements to home school Eric before putting him into school when we decide he is ready, and make it a family effort to reach the world with the Gospel! 

Although we are extremely sad we will be leaving our church family and community in Troy, we are excited about the opportunity God has placed in front of us to serve the world for His glory. We believe in what Praying Pelican Missions stands for and their aggressive vision in reaching the world with the good news of Jesus, and we want to be a part of it!

If you want to learn more about what we will actually be doing, click HERE.

If you want to see how you can get involved in supporting our crazy, mission family, click HERE.  
If you want to go on a trip with Praying Pelican – as an individual, group, or family – click HERE

You can also check out our Prayer Requests (we will be updating those often) and Our Adoption Story at the top by selecting the different Pages. 

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