Us Morgans Lately

We’ve had a fun, non-stressful weekend… and I liked it. It was one of the few weekends we weren’t traveling or didn’t have a ton of stuff planned. It was nice!

Friday night we went to the local high school games. It was homecoming. It’s always amusing to me how different each school does Homecoming.  And I will forever think my school did it best… I’m bias.

I think we are pretty cute! 🙂 I like us.
After, we hosted 5th Quarter for the youths.  It was a great night… I’m probably gonna blog about it later in more detail. It was good stuff. 
Today was a fun day. Jacob preached in the morning service. Love hearing my man speak about what God’s been teaching him. You can’t get any better than listening to the hubs talk about how much he loves the Lord and desires to follow Him… however crazy we may look. Yes. So thankful that I get to do life with him.  I am also planning to blog about marriage… so get pumped! 🙂 it’s one of my favorite things. 
This just in – Grant has arrived!!! He has been birthed by his precious momma Lindsey Jo.
We are Uncles again! haha! Lindsey Jo was the first of my besties to get pregnant and I was so frazzled and excited when she told us she was preggers, instead of saying I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or girl, I said I can’t wait to find out if we’ll be Aunts or Uncles! Oh bother… but either way he and his bro Isaac Henry are the cutest little lads around! 
Jacob and I had a photo shoot with our pups! Look at how cute they are! 

I’m telling ya… they have brought more entertainment to our family than any TV show, video game, or movie could have. They are hysterical… and a tad bit dumb. And yes… they did dig that LOVELY & HUGE hole in our backyard. Impressive, huh? 
And lastly… I am finally ready to start decorating Eric’s room. This is a huge deal. I am usually SUPER impatient with everything in life… but I know me, and I knew if I decorated his room months ago it would have made me even more anxious, worried, and stressed about him not being here. Now is the time. I know he will be here soon and I am ready to get his room done…. designed just for him. The first decorations: 
Simple… but profound. And… I bought a Black Opps II poster (it’s a video game) at Eric’s request at Walmart yesterday to add to the decor. I know… beautification at it’s finest. 
More than ever I’m ready to get him home… not just for my heart but for Eric’s even more.  He is worried we won’t come. He’s fearful that his case worker one day is just going to say, “They aren’t coming for you.” It breaks my heart. I wish I could erase any doubt, but I can’t. He has waited, been let down, and been hurt before… and I just pray and hope he sees and knows this is different… this is forever. 
He’s had to go to the doctor for a few things lately and I wish more than anything I could have gone with him… to sit in the waiting room with him, to go to the back with him like other mothers do, and take him for ice cream after the visit was done. But I couldn’t.  He does his homework and studies for tests… I wish we could be there to quiz him on his Social Studies and his Math II questions. I wish we could take him for pizza or buy him a CD after he aces the tests. I know it will come… but I just want his heart to believe and know we ARE coming! NOTHING… NOTHING… could keep us from going to get him. 
On a happy note… here are some things we learned lately:
He wants Walter to run with him while he rides his bike… that should be interesting. 
He has asked for v-neck tees, a pair of skinny jeans, and Crocs… what a man! 
He loves the old school Michael Jordan sandals and high top tennis shoes. 
He loves Jolly Ranchers (Grape), Snickers, Hershey kisses, and Twix bars. 
His friends are all happy for him… but I’m sure they are going to miss him. 
His dance group (yes… DANCE group) is performing to “Moves like Jagger” and “Treasure” – LOVE IT!
He is tired of eating beans and bread. 
He has never had his own birthday party – oh… THAT WILL CHANGE! 
He has only eaten ice cream once! 
He loves music. 
Love getting to know our Eric. Seriously… cannot wait until he is home! What a glorious day that will be! 

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