Our Eric – i LOVE this boy!

Seriously… talking to Eric is our BIGGEST J.O.Y.

He is the best. We look forward to our nightly convos with our boy. We laugh. We learn about each other. We try to figure each other out. We come up with questions to ask. It’s the most amazing thing.

I wanted to share a few funnies about our family convos… Yep! Our family!

So, one thing that CRACKS ME UP is when Eric doesn’t understand something we are asking him or doesn’t know what to say he says, “WHAATT??” Obviously, we will teach him some manners later… you know “ma’am?” or “sir?”… but for now “WHAATT?” is hilarious to me!!! Let me paint the picture  for ya – you know in “The Christmas Story” when Ralphie says the cuss word? He says he heard the cuss word from his friend Schwartz – so Ralpie’s mom calls Mrs. Schwartz to tell her of the awful thing her son has done. When Ralpie’s mom repeated THE word that Ralphie said, Mrs. Schwartz screamed, “WHAATT?”… Well… all that to say is that Eric sounds like that woman… “WHAATT??” I love it…

Each night we ask Eric if he had thought of anything to talk about/ask.  We just want to give him the opportunity to ask anything he ever thinks of. The other night he said, “Yes, I thought of something… can we get a third dog?” HAHA! WHAATT?? We asked him what he meant and what kind of dog he wanted.  He waited for a minute and said, “Ummm… a pitbull?!”  Haha! He said that he had seen a lot of pictures of pitbulls on the Internet and he thought he might want one! We suggested that he just get warmed up to Walter and Jubi… and we could take him to the pet store to play with the pitbulls.  Oh Lord… (note: I don’t have anything against pitbulls… but can you imagine Walter, Jubi, AND a pitbull?)

Saturday night we called Eric and we were talking about different stuff. I asked him if he had ever roller-skated (he had… but he doesn’t like rollerblades), go-karted (never), or played laser tag (nope, but he’s seen it on the Internet). We have a place in Birmingham that we can take him with ALL those things… CAN’T WAIT FOR FAMILY FUN NIGHT!!!  Somehow we got on the topic of 4-wheelers. Jacob asked Eric if he had ever seen/rode a 4-wheeler. He said he hadn’t… but he had seen pictures of ATVs online.  Jacob told him that Eric’s grand dad (Big D) has a 4-wheeler he could ride. Eric’s response was “WHAATT?? SERIOUSLY?!?!” Haha! It was priceless! We told him that we could take him out to some land and ride him around on it… he was PUMPED! Really… can’t wait to do all these fun adventures with our Eric. He’s also seen paintball, dirt bikes, and airsoft guns online… yep… my husband is ready to revert back to his teenage years.

Seriously… we have the coolest kiddo EVER. I can’t wait for him to be home.

Things to pray for:

  • We need Eric’s medical forms ASAP!!! Pray that we get it THIS WEEK!!! Once we get the medical, then we can get the Article 5 Letter… then we get court dates!!!! PRAY FOR THE MEDICAL FORMS! 
  • Pray for Eric this week. It’s his birthday week. I can’t even imagine what goes through his mind/heart… not ever having a true birthday party or someone there to truly celebrate HIM. Pray for comfort, love, and for assurance that we are coming for him.
  • Pray that he is here for Christmas. This is a huge prayer and our goal.  We hope he is here for the holidays. We know God is capable of moving the paperwork mountains and He is able! 
And here’s some pics so you don’t forget what we look like: 

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