Happy Birthday Eric!!!

This weekend was AMAZING! Thanks to some fantastic friends and family – they had an Adoption/Birthday party for Eric! The party was on Eric’s actual 14th birthday.  We wish he could have been here to celebrate with us, but… let’s just say that next year’s birthday party will be HUGE!!! 

As usual… I’ll tell you about the day through pictures: 

Eric’s birthday cake! 

3 of my bridesmaids… still besties!! They drove from Huntsville & Nashville to come and celebrate Eric with us! They are the absolute best!!! The other 4 bridesmaids were greatly missed – one is in Africa, one has a 2-week-old boy, and 2 are in Texas. They all sent sweet messages… I just love them. 

I’m 14 months (and years) pregnant! Paperwork pregnant that is. 

Look at all this food!!! This was just one table! There was a ton.  We didn’t know how many people to expect. We sent out invitations BUT it was a football Saturday… and kind of a unique idea – having a party for someone who isn’t here yet. 
BUT… as we have been MULTIPLE times throughout this adoption process… AMAZED US! 

I honestly don’t know how many people came. The house was PACKED… you literally couldn’t walk! So many people love Eric (and us)… and don’t even know him yet. It was so humbling.  I looked at Jacob at one point and said… “I’m so overwhelmed.”  I couldn’t let myself really think about all that was happening because I would have broke down in tears. Thank you for coming and loving our son! 

My sweet niece JoJo. 

JoJo helped me blow out Eric’s candles.  So sweet. She kept asking where Eric was and then would answer herself, “Oh… he’ll be here in a minute.”  
Later we were watching the Auburn game… miracle @ Jordan-Hare… and we went NUTS when that touchdown happened. Jojo did NOT understand what was going on, but she looked at her mom and asked, “Oh, is Eric coming soon?” 🙂

Eric got SO much stuff!! It was incredible – clothes, gift cards, sports stuff, games, and so much more!! Sooooooo blessed! Eric has no idea how much he is loved! 

 And these… 
These are “Labor Socks.” Created by some of my besties and me. They are to be worn at every birth/adoption. They have already been work by Lindsey Jo for Isaac Henry and Grant’s arrival.  Now… they will be worn in Belize on our Gotcha Day!!! I can’t wait to wear these socks and write Eric’s name on them!!! (Don’t worry… they’ve been washed!!!) 

 And the amazing hostesses decided to get Eric an iPad!!! He is going to be in heaven!!!! This boy is going to be overwhelmed he’s not going to know what to do! 

The hostesses – Ms. Linda, Mom, Mom-in-law, Ms. Julie, Katy, and Ashley (sis-in-law)
So blessed by and thankful for these ladies!!! THANK YOU!! 

Mom and 2 of her sisters!! So glad they got to come! 

Me and my bestie, Em

Me and Mom, Eric’s Grann. 
So blessed by this lady – for hosting the party, for working so hard to get things ready for our transition, and just being the best mom/Grann ever!! 

Such a fantastic weekend!!! Can’t even explain how amazing it was!! 
Thanks to everyone! 

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