Adoption Awareness Month & Update

November is Adoption Awareness Month! 

Statistics – keep in mind each number represents a CHILD!!! 
There are around 147,000,000 orphans around the world. 
There are around 500,000 children without permanent families in the US alone. 
Each year, around 27,000 youth “age out” of foster care in the US alone.
HIV/AIDS has orphaned around 17.9 MILLION children worldwide.


For Adoption Awareness Month, our new friends from Praying Pelican Missions, Bethany & Eric, featured us on their blog to showcase Eric’s story. Read it here! 

There will be/is one less orphan… coming soon to the Morgan home as a SON. So excited. 

But for now… we wait. 

We need ONE medical form on Eric. Once we receive that one medical form, the Article 5 Letter can be sent to us & our lawyer (it’s sitting, ready in the US Embassy in Belize… UGH), and then we can go get our Eric!!!! So close… yet more hindrances standing between us becoming a forever family. 

So… PRAY PRAY PRAY!!! We believe God is a God of miracles. So let’s pray that medical form gets to our lawyer in Belize THIS WEEK!!!!!!! 

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